Kinda of disappointed.

July 13th, 2011 by uhohitsamb

I’m pretty mad at myself for not posting yesterday. That’s already a slip up on my part. I just felt hungry all day which led to some unhappy frustrated feelings. I just didn’t feel like posting. I also worked a 12 hour shift at work so I didn’t have any time to exercise. I consider my open-close shifts that I get once a week my “rest” days.

However, I never went over 1,400 calories. I really need to bring this down a notch. I didn’t initially want to go over 1,200. Today I believe my calorie count is only in the 800’s. Thats with egg & toast for breakfast, oatmeal, & some green beans for lunch, oatmeal and a serving of fiber one shredded wheats & asparagus for dinner, and some fiber one raisin bran to snack on. I’ve kept myself comfortably full all day. I think I’m going to snack on some more fiber one raisin bran later tonight while Andrew and I do our ritual “watch Nick At Nite” for a few hours before bed. That should bring it up to almost 1,000 which I’m more comfortable with.

This is a hard traveling road on I’m on right now. It’s not hard for me to have the control and do everything I want to do. It’s hard for me to control myself from slowly adding more and more exercise and less and less calories. Reading through old inscriptions from high school, I realize just how dark of a time that was for me. I joke lightheartedly about it now mostly because a lot of my memories have been suppressed.

I actually only found that inscription because I was googling the PRO-ED forum I belonged to when I was 17. I was hoping it was still around. Alas it is abandoned which is for the better.

I can’t believe how much a struggle this is.. ever day.

Anyways. Today I picked back up on my exercise and did 40 minutes of the stationary bike. I plan to do the stationary bike again tomorrow + calisthenics/pilates. Target areas 😛

But I came up with a new exercise routine:

Thursday – Stationary bike (1 hour) & Biggest Loser Game
Friday – Treadmill Workout (30 minutes) & Calisthenics/pilates
& repeat lather and rinse!

Oh and I’m feeling a tad disheartened today because I only lost .5 of a pound in the span of two days :/

Problems :(

July 11th, 2011 by uhohitsamb

I’m beginning to see that night time is a huge problem for me. The later it gets the more I want to nom nom nom nom everything! I really have to work on my self control at night. I think I have to work on my self control altogether but we’ll just work on the night time thing for right now.

I couldn’t contain myself and weighed myself naked as soon as I woke up after I pee’d and I was 1 pound less! I know I’m going to be shedding a couple pounds initially just because of water retention and just not eating a ton all the time. But it’s still a small victory to keep me going for the next couple of days before I break down and weigh myself again 😛 I joined a forum for daily weigh in, but I’d rather do it every two days. It’s really disappointing to see no weight loss and from what I read over their weight losses sometimes they gained or stayed the same the next day, and then the day after that they lost weight again.

Today I stayed at around 1350 calories so I’m pretty excited about that. I did my 15 minutes on the treadmill even that biggest loser game kicked my butt. My thighs are KILLING me today. Andrew massaged them for like 20 minutes for me, it was really nice. I also got in the pool and did a little stretching for my muscles which made them fill a ton better. Plus it helped me burn even more calories!

I’m beginning to think I might start doing the treadmill in two bursts to get 30 minutes a day. Once in the morning and once at night. I was going to take a rest day tomorrow but I remember how quickly I dropped weight senior year doing all my exercise. I was becoming exercise obsessed! I would like to throw in my crunches and push ups too on the biggest loser days but I’m finding it difficult to find a space when I’m alone. Maybe I will do it before I start the biggest loser game on those days.

Anyways! Stats:

SW: 140
CW: 136.5
GW: 135 on Wednesday when I weigh in!

Day 3!

July 10th, 2011 by uhohitsamb

I’ve been doing pretty okay! Not ridiculously good. I could *probably* do better on my calories in but I havent gone over 1500 so thats okay 🙂 The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout game for the xbox360 kinect, tells me I should be eating about 2,200 a day to sustain my weight so I’m think 1500 is pretty damn good for the first week. I think saturday, I’ll make sure not to go over 1300, and eventually 1200.

It’s really hard not to weigh myself right now, considering I’m so hyped about actually following through and actually working out. BUT! I know I’ll only be discouraged and give up if I get on my scale and it is more or the same as before. So I’m as of right now, holding out til Saturday. Hopefully I can last.

I am really looking for a 3-4 pound lost. It’s my first week, and that would really give me the boost I need for Week 2. Alas, even 2 pounds should keep me going for at least week 2. I can’t wait to be in the 120’s again!!

So I have altered my workout a bit. It will look like this:
Saturday – Treadmill 1m (or 20 minutes)
Sunday – Biggest Loser Workout
Tuesday – Treadmill 1m (or 20 minutes)
Wednesday – Biggest Loser Workout
Thursday – Treadmill 1.5m (or 30 minutes)
Friday – Biggest Loser Workout
Saturday – Treadmill 1.5m (or 30 minutes)
Sunday – Biggest Loser Workout

And I plan to add swimming in the pool whenever I can. I have a goofy work schedule so I may not be able to get into the pool on the days I work 10am – 9pm (which is usually only one day a week) plus my sister just got floatbeds so I can finally lay in the pool and tan! New tan for my new body!!

So I have a goal.. I would like to be 124 by September 1st! That would put right under the overweight BMI for my height. Heres to wishes and dreams 🙂

The beginning!

July 9th, 2011 by uhohitsamb

My first attempt to do this the 100% right way. I figure if I take advantage of all the options 3FC makes available to me and continue with preservation and determination I might be able to make it back down to what I was my senior year of high school ^_^

So I would definitely most likely like to update this everyday around the same time. I’m also going to use this to track my diet, and be able to look back see how much I lost, why I lost it, and what I was thinking. Kind of keep me in check and give my motivation to keep up my good eating habits in the future!

So… (drumroll please)….


  • SW: 140
  • CW: 137.5
  • GW: 133 <— this will be the number I shooting for next weigh in!
Calories eaten: 1,360
Calorie Goal: 1, 200 or under
Exercise: 15 mins on treadmill.
Exercise goal: 15 mins on treadmill + crunches & push ups.
The calorie and exercise goals will be for the next day, in case any one was wondering or I needed reminding myself.
I would also like to take a few minutes at the end to make a weekly goal chat to kind of reference to for next saturdays post:
Week 1: -2.5lbs (137.5)
Week 2: -3.5lbs (134)
Week 3: -4lbs (130)
Week 4: -4lbs (126)
Week 5: -4lbs (122)
Week 6: -3.5lbs (118.5)
Week 7: -3.5lbs (115)
Week 8: -3.5lbs (111.5)
Week 9: -2lbs (109.5) <– weigh loss slows down for me, usually
Week10: -2lbs (107.5)
Week 11: -2lbs (105.5)
Week 12: -1.5lbs (104)
Week 13: -1.5lbs (102.5)
Week 14: -1.5lb (101)
Week 15: -1lbs (100)
My big goal: 97lbs by October 31st! I know this may sound unhealthy to some but since I’m at such a small weight I can eat a healthy amount of calories and exercise a lot and the weight just seems to fly off me for some reason! It’s like my natural eating right was supposed to be a lot smaller but since I became addicted to food and start stuffing myself like it was thanksgiving every single meal, every single day, I packed on the pounds.
Here’s to fresh starts!!