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02 Jun, 2012

Something weird and something close.

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Seriously, is there a more perfect man than Ryan Gosling? LOL (shout out to one of my favorite Tumblr, Ryan Gosling for Runner Girl. For times when the boyfriend is tired as h*ll of listening to how it was hard going through the 4th hill out of 7). Hello! I was inconsistent with blogging this […]

Hello! Friday, friday, gotta get down on friday! OMG that week was long. But today… today is a new day! The boyfriend is coming home tonight, it is sunny outside for the first time of the week, I managed to get a appointment to the garage next week before I go back home, we’re going […]

06 May, 2012

At the end of the day, who you are is completely up to you.

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Hello! Another weekend gone (so fast!), another recap weekend post. But first, I need blog advices : I am getting TOOOOONS of spamming comments these days. Any clue how to prevent that? So! Back to the real stuff. The weekend started pretty smoothly. On friday night, the boyfriend and I went to the mall because […]

29 Apr, 2012

(fun) Sabotage weekend

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Hello! So, yeah. Sabotage weekend. And I’m not talking about a theme weekend on the super good song by the Beastie Boys. If only. It was an awesome weekend though. It was SOOOO much fun! Getting together with my high school friends really do helps making the weight loss/diet sabotage part futile. I got in […]

26 Apr, 2012

ALMOST thanx-God-it’s-friday

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Hello! Yes : ALMOST TGIF. That’s how much I can’t wait for this week to be over LOL Sometimes I think I work with dummies. No, seriously. There are 2-3 people in the lab that just gets me ”” This morning, 2 of our computers (1 of them I REALLY needed this morning) are out […]

10 Apr, 2012

How does brownies can fit into a healthy diet?

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Answer : probably never. Oops. Hello! Tuesday morning. I’m back at my lab after the Easter weekend, still kinda tired, with the contacts that want to literaly jump off my eyes, sore from the pilates and feeling miserable about the bad food choices I made this weekend. I hate feeling miserable :-( Even if I […]