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30 May, 2012


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Hello! I would like to start this blog by saying : I’m so sorry sometimes my sentences don’t make much sense. I was reading a few of my older blog posts, looking for an information I may have posted here and I ran into some weird stuff that would make an english teacher scream. Some […]

28 May, 2012

Water again, always water.

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Hello! Monday again! Meaning, obviously, I’m stocked again with some water weight retention. BLAAAAAH. I spend all the last week to try to get rid of some bad water weight, and on friday, everything was mostly gone. And I was super glad to say I did really good this weekend. I was saturday, going kayaking […]

22 May, 2012

Be happy anyway.

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Hellooooo! God, it felt like YEARS since my last blog post. After not blogging for 4 days, I realized that this little thing became really important to me, accountability speaking. So : I’m back from my weekend at my dad’s place. I was borned and raised in the eastern part of the Province of Quebec, […]

14 May, 2012

Bend it like Beckham.

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Hell- *yawn*-o. Here we go again with an official sum up of the weekend, my usual way to start this new week by aknowloedging the good and the bad of the weekend! The weekend started out really busy : the boyfriend was (finallyyy) coming home from Vancouver in the night between friday and saturday, so […]

02 Apr, 2012


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Hello, bloggers. This baby, up there. My face exactly. Doh. As I said last friday, I threw a birthday party at my place for the 25th birthday of my boyfriend. The big quarter! We had 7 of our friends over to celebrate the boy turning 25. I wanted to make this PERFECT : all the […]