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03 May, 2012

TOM, meals ideas and rambling about my stupid watch

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”Oh yeah, let’s get those periods started and be over with” – me yesterday. ”BLAAAAAH I’M UP TO 137.6 lbs THIS MORNING FREAKING PERIODS ETC ETC ETC” – me this morning ^^ Yes, TOM kicked in, and so did the number on my scale. 137.6 lbs! I was okay being up in the 136’s range, […]

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05 Apr, 2012

Let’s roll

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(first part written April 4th, in the afternoon, bored at the lab) Hello! I am on a mission right now : I need to find a bike. I have been bike-less for over 4 years now and it’s time to get a new one. Before I started college, I used to bike a lot. During the summer, […]

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