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16 May, 2012

Side effect of weight loss.

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Hello! Yes, you red well. The bad side effect of weight loss. I have NO MORE CLOTHES that FIT! Of course it’s not true. I keep buying a piece pretty much every time I go to the mall to survive, clothing speaking. Like at some point, I need jeans that won’t leave a gap in […]


09 May, 2012


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Hello! Okay, I was in total lack of a nice picture to illustrate this blog post. So I went for the goat-cat. Because, well, you know. The cat had a goat disguise. I guess I’m a bit tired. But yes. The point of this post. All of you probably experienced the sensations of striking weight loss realizations. […]

25 Apr, 2012

Trails and perspective.

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Hello! Seriously, look at the thighs of this runner above. That’s the definition of power! I’ve been blogging on and on about how much I love going for a run in the trails around my place and as I was running, I was always telling myself that I should stop and take a picture to […]

12 Apr, 2012

Do what you have to do.

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Hello! As the image above explain, I’m glad to say that most of the junk is OUT OF DA HOUSEEEEEEE. Finally. *sigh* Last night I had a tiny piece of brownies for dessert (still 160 calories, hugh!) and I gave the probably 400 calories pieces to the boyfriend so we can clean the plate. I’m […]