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09 May, 2012


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Hello! Okay, I was in total lack of a nice picture to illustrate this blog post. So I went for the goat-cat. Because, well, you know. The cat had a goat disguise. I guess I’m a bit tired. But yes. The point of this post. All of you probably experienced the sensations of striking weight loss realizations. […]

30 Mar, 2012

And that day came along.

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Hello, bloggers! From the introducing picture, you were probably able to guess that : I REEEEEACHHHH GOOOOAAAAALLLL!!! GGGGgggggOOOOOooooooAAAAAaaaaaLLLLLLLlllllllLLLL!!!!!! (sorry, Iwas letting out my inner 13 years old girl I think). So today, on March 30th, on a cold but yet sunny day, on the day of my brother’s brithday (Happy birthday, bro!), I reached my […]

Hello, there! Something weird happened today : it was a good and a bad thing at the same time. I went at the hair salon this morning. Took my morning off from the lab to go, my hair was really a MESS. No style and my bang had grow so much that I felt I […]