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26 Jun, 2012

4 days to go.

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I’ve been away last weekend and honestly, life has been crazy.

Weight is a bit chaos too. I’ve sticking around 138 pounds for many days. At the beginning, I was putting that on water weight. But usually, water weight goes away. One of two things : this water weight is really really loving hanging in my tummy and muscles or it’s a serious gain.

But honestly, right now, I’m not even thinking about it. My mind is too full to worry avec a 5 pounds gain (5… damn!). Half marathon is 4 days away.

I am SUPER excited. But so nervous at the same time.

The weather is freaking out and the weather forecast are just unable to say what weather it’s going to be. So far we got sun with chances of raining and thunderstorms. And I’m tired… so tired. Can’t remember the last weekend I had to just hang out quietly at home and relax. My muscles are sore.

But I have to put all that aside and get ready for the battle. Because, yes, it’s going to be a battle. Legs will give up around kilometer 15. It’s gonna be hot. I will want to die when I will have to climb the hills on the last 1/3 of the route. I’m gonna need all I got.

This is why I push this weight gain on a tiny dark side of my mind right now. I don’t want to bother with this, not now. I’ll do what I have to do after the race is done.

In 4 days it’s all gonna be over. 4 days.

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