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17 Jun, 2012

Official countdown is officially ON!

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First, sorry for my lack of posting this week. Everything was a bit chaotic at work and in life in general. I have to do better with the blog : I could really use more accountability.

Thank to unskinnygirl, alizera and dysfunctionnal for your warm concerns. :-) It really, REALLY appreciated it!

In term of calories, the week was okay. I increased them a bit, eating between 1900-2200 everyday. I think it is still under what I should eat to maintain, but at some point, I am just not that hungry. Specially on my training days. At some point, my stomach probably shrunk a bit. I am still working on it ;-)

This week I was for a few days at 134.4 lbs, than 133.4, 132.8, yesterday morning 134.4 and this morning 136.4 lbs. I’m not even freacking out for the last 2 days WI. I had a BBQ on friday at my boss’ and yesterday we had a huge BBQ here. Hello salty stuff! My tummy is sticking out from the bloat. I’ll concentrate on drinking ore water in the next few days. The #2 division thing is acting a little wacky too, I guessis does not help LOL

Yesterday was my last long run training before the half marathon that is now going to take place in 13 days EXACTLY. I woke up bright and early yesterday morning (6AM. It is bright and early for me) and headed out for a run around 7AM before the heat. I think I wasn’t enough early because I was alreay hot and sweaty at 7:50. Oh well.

It was a 19k and I did the biggest part of the route of the actual race. I actually already almost done it all in my last runs but in the opposite way. I wanted to know how the route was flowing, with the hills and everything, to be ready for the big day. Less stress to know exactly where you are going, you know what I mean?

The first half of my run was a bit crappy, I started running way to fast after eating breakfast. I was feeling my banana jumping on my stomach all along LOL I turned the wrong way at some point on a street and after I found my way back (I was at the farthest of my starting point there), I had 10k already behind me and I started feeling better. The banana was leaving the stomach and I had a good rythm even if I had what I call the ”lazy legs”-day. When I don’t run as often as usual in a week (exemple : I skipped my long run training last week) or if there is many days between 2 runs, my legs feels heavy and weird. It was a lazy legs days yesterday, with the lack of long training last week. Nevertheless, my cardio was fine, even with the heat, and I managed to drag my knees and legs along the remaining of the loop. :-)

I was glad I went out to really checked the route. I found out that there is a GOOD HILL to goup in the last 1/3 of the run. I’ll be able to prepare mentally for that and not being taken by surprise.

13 days. Only a little 13 days before my first ever half-marathon. It it so exciting!!! :-)

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