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12 Jun, 2012

The day I fainting at my friend parent’s place.

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”Eat more, Cat, eat more!”


I was a big off the blogs since last Friday. I took a few days off to focus and think, actually.

As my title says, I fainting last saturday. Scary times!

Saturday morning, I woke up, had my usual breakfast (1-1/4 cup of Special K, 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, one banana and a coffee) and was just hanging around the place until I ate lunch (some chick pea salad and a fat free yogurt). A the boyfriend and I departed for a one hour drive to meet up with our friends P and AM. We were chatting in the car, playing zitch-cow in the car while we were enjoying the sun while drinking water from my bottle).

We got at the place of the parents of my friends, where we chatted. The guys went downstairs so P could show A his new PS3 setup while I was talking running and injury with AM, who got badly injured (knee) the week before.

As the guys were coming back upstairs, I started feeling weird. I was feeling hot to my face but cold everywhere else on the body. My eyesight started to get blurry and I was looking for some chair to sit on.

Me to A : I think I’m doing some hypoglycemia thingy… (I never done anything like that before)
A : What do you mean, hypoglycemia? (with a really ”you’re not serious, right” tone)
Me : Well, yeah! Hypoglycemia!

And I passed out.

Next thing, I woke up with A above me holding my head (because I apparently hit a wall falling down) while P and AM were frantically looking through the fridge to get me some fruit juice. Nothing on me was hurting, which surprised everyone because I kinda fell really bad (even left a trace on the wall. And P’s parent’s place. I’m a charming guest).

It took a good 3-4 minutes of sipping juices and eating chocolat cookies, sitting against the wall, to start feeling ”okay” again. The theories on ”what the hell just happened” were flying by.

A : you’re freaking not eating enough!! and not enough meat for iron!
AM :  did you over trained in the last days?

P was just cool and glad I was okay.  :P

Still, it scared everyone, me included. We spent the remaining of the day just hanging around in town, having ice cream (I had no choice with the crew to take the medium size. It was HUGE.) and to have steack on the BBQ at night. I sipped through an orange juice during our walk. My head never hurt, but the shoulder the next day, meaning I must have it with the wall instead of the head.

The next day, I was feeling still a bit BLAH but mostly not secure enough to go for a run by myself like Iusually do on the sundays in preparation for my half marathon.

A, being the sweetheart he is, told me he was gonna run with me that day. A is not a runner, he can go through a dash of 5k, but never trained for long distance. When I told him it would be for a 19k, he mentioned that he might join me on bike :-P

But the weather being really hot, and myself still not feeling the strongest ever, ditched the run for that day. I’ll run the 19k next week.

After thinking about it for a few days, we came to the conclusions that many things could have cause what we now called the ”fainting episode”

– Random hypoglycemia (last winter I was check for diabetes while I was doing some clinical trials and I had a killing glucose metabolism)

– Iron deficiency anemia : possible. We slowed down on the red meat lately.

– Overtraining : possible, but I did not train the day of the fainting, neither the day before.

– Low blood pressure : last time it was checked, it was low, but a ”training person-low”.

– A favorite opinion : I’m freakint not eating enough.

– AM favorite opinion : I have been training for the past 15 weeks and eating most of the week at a deficit. With all the training I’m doing. After a year of dieting and intense training, the body might not be able to completely keep up with everything.

A was scared a bit by all that. We made a deal that I would try to maintain for now and increase my food intake. Just to see how it goes.

I’ve been hitting on 134.4 pounds since sunday. I want to try to maintain in a range of about 2 pounds.

That sounds so complicated.

I’ve been dieting for what seems like FOREVER. Going back to a normal stuff so quickly is overwhelming. I’m even a bit scared, I would say.

I tried out a normal, no interval 8k run this morning. It was okay but it was good. No dizzi-ness of anything.

At least a good point in all of this…


4 Responses to "The day I fainting at my friend parent’s place."

1 | alireza

June 12th, 2012 at 4:31 pm


That’s why an experience coach can be a wonderful help. Sometimes we are stuborn and we push it to hard and a good coach pushes you close to your capacity.
I can only say one thing: Listen to your body. In this journey it is OK to stop once in a while, take a break and recover. Then move ahead with full force.
I am waiting to see your blog post right after you run your first marathon. So take good care of yourself and stay alive :)

2 | unskinnygirl

June 14th, 2012 at 9:19 am


That is scary! I often wonder about myself as well. As I get light headed and dizzy,often. Usually only in the mornings. I generally drink a lot of coffee and don’t eat enough in the morning. We have a blood glucose meter at work and I check it frequently to see how my blood sugar levels are. They are always perfect. I think I must be lacking in something,or just need to drink less coffee! But I think your smart in trying to maintain your weight right now!

3 | alireza

June 15th, 2012 at 5:18 am


Hay Mammoth, are you all right? Is everything OK? Let us know.

4 | dysfunctionalbarbie

June 15th, 2012 at 7:38 am


The harder you train = more calories intake, if you’re not eating enough calories and burning more your body is going to react in a negative way.

Maintaining isn’t a bad thing sometimes our body just needs that break in order to get those last few pesky pounds off.

I’m not on a diet I haven’t changed anything through this process except added more fruit to the mix, water and veggies (the odd time). I eat normal food, smaller portions and my progress has been slow but it’s still going. Don’t be scared of the normal stuff just don’t always over stuff yourself.

Girl you’re going to do wonderful have a little faith :)

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