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02 Jun, 2012

Something weird and something close.

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Seriously, is there a more perfect man than Ryan Gosling? LOL (shout out to one of my favorite Tumblr, Ryan Gosling for Runner Girl. For times when the boyfriend is tired as h*ll of listening to how it was hard going through the 4th hill out of 7).


I was inconsistent with blogging this week. I’m a bit ashamed… Blogging as become a big part of my accountability in this journey, a bit like putting down everything I eat in my little book is. Because, honestly, weight loss can drive you crazy. Blogging has helped me staying mentally sane, by giving me some time to think about the decisions I made, but not by crying on the bad one forever : more in a way of ”okay, I messed up there, but what I can change to the situation to make it better?”.

I am starting the biggest and thoughest past of the writing of my master degree thesis right now and I was absorbed all week in reading tons of articles and preparing my redaction plan that I kinda forgot about blogging.

Sitting on my couch, sipping through my coffee this morning, faking I’m interested when the boyfriend tells me about himself killing some barbarians in Diablo III, I’m realizing that I missed it this week. It’s good to be back ”home”. :-)


Weird title, isn’t it? (I got to be honest : I watch Something borrowed last night, and got a bit inspired. Hihi.) Tow unordinary things happened to me in the last few days.

Something weird

On thursday, I was at work, working on my thesis at my desk.

In a normal day of work, I drink about 1 liter of water. And of course, I pee a lot.

But thursday, things started to get out of control at some point.

I was going to pee ALL.THE.TIME! At about 2 o’clock, I had to leave my computer for the cell culture room for about 30 minutes to feed my cells. In this 30 minutes, I had to put down my gloves and pipet to go the bathroon. TWICE.

I got back in the office, I sat and honeslty, I felt weird. A bit dizzy. It felt a bit like a low blood pressure thingy. At first I thought it was some glucose issues, so I got one of my snack out of my lunch box and munch on it (half of a whole weat english muffin with peanut butter). I got myself panicking a bit, so I decided to take it easy with my bottle of water for the rest of the afternoon. Later, I ate an apple and was able to go for my 8k run after work. But still, during the night, I felt I wasn’t at the top of my game.

I posted about it on a thread I’m active a lot on the forum and someone asked me if I was having enough calories. That day, after checking my calories log, I had to admit that I had a light lunch and before having my snack, I was maybe at 630 calories in term of calories intake, and I finised the day at 1470 calories, which was around my average number for the last months.

I was a subject in a clinical test at the beginning of the winter and I was checked on the diabete level and I learned that I had an over the chart metabolism of sugar, so I think I can scratch out the list the diabetes aspect (might still be a low, weirdly but low, levels of blood glucose that could be responsible for that).

I was drinking a normal amount of water, comparable to my water intake of every other day. It was also my first day of TOM (not enough iron? maybe some kind of effect due to little daily anemia?)

I’m not really worried about that, to be honest. I was okay the day before, and I was totally okay yesterday. Plus now, I’m totally paying attention to any kind of dizzyness I would feel. But did it ever happened to any of you?

Something close

OMG OMG OMG. First half-marathon ever is in 4 weeks + 1 day.

I’m getting more and more excited everyday. I know that doing it won’t be a problem, my training program had been preparing me for months now. I’m just slowly getting the feeling that I’m soon gonna be doing the things I’ve probably the more dedicated to in my life so far.

I feel it’s gonna be like turning a huge page in the book of my life. Closing the chapter of not being okay with the body I had and deciding to make some changes about it.

The next chapter will be : embracing it!!

I’m running an 18k tomorrow, probably with a collegue that want to run a part of it with me. I wasn’t really feeling about getting compagny tomorrow (I like to focus and concentrate on my long run) but she kinda invited herself to my run LOL. I don’t know much how to lie, and I did not think of any excuse quickly enough to dissuade her. Oh well. A good action never hurts anybody.


It is also the first weekend in like… probably… 5 weeks (!) that we don’t have anything social planned out. I woke up this morning on the edge of ”oh my god, we have to hurry, we have to be there for… wait… no… we don’t have to be NOWHERE!” It’s feeling so, so good. I want to do all the choirs today so tomorrow after my run, I’ll be able to just relax. Plus, it’s raining so it’s not like there is ten thousants things to do outside ;-)

We are treating ourselves tonight with all home made hamburgers (on whole wheat english muffin), guacamole and the boyfriend want nachos (he’ll regret his choice when he’ll watch me spend 20 minutes in the chip area to find de most low caloric one LOL). Gonna have a light salad for diner to enjoy his last diner home with him :-)


To respond to your comments of my last blog post on me saying weird stuff in english sometmes, thank you for being so nice! Yes, I speak french and live in Quebec. And I know it’s bad, but I never proof read here LOL Neither in emails. It was always a huge stuff for me in school to do, even when I write in french… I find it so boring to read all over again what I just write! But I am making a lot of efforts, because blogging isn’t only good for my weight loss process… it also helps a lot my english writing! Best of both worlds!


Well, that was a long post. I missed writing!!

Happy saturday everyone!

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