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07 May, 2012

Encounter with quinoa

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Hellooooo! Monday. Argh. I don’t know why, I felt tired all day long. Luckily it’s all over now! As my blog title is saying, tonight I cooked quinoa for the first time. I know, I know, where was I when quinoa was becoming this trendy healthy thing that everyone seems to be cooking right now!? […]

06 May, 2012

At the end of the day, who you are is completely up to you.

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Hello! Another weekend gone (so fast!), another recap weekend post. But first, I need blog advices : I am getting TOOOOONS of spamming comments these days. Any clue how to prevent that? So! Back to the real stuff. The weekend started pretty smoothly. On friday night, the boyfriend and I went to the mall because […]

04 May, 2012

Just when I thought I knew everything

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Hello! IT’S FRIDAYYYY! *gotta get down on friday* Holy molly that was a long week. I’m glad it is almost over… *ceeeelebration time, COME ON!!* (okay, the musical is over now. I promise :-P) So, to go with my title, this morning I was strucked with the thought of : ”Just when I thought I […]

03 May, 2012

TOM, meals ideas and rambling about my stupid watch

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”Oh yeah, let’s get those periods started and be over with” – me yesterday. ”BLAAAAAH I’M UP TO 137.6 lbs THIS MORNING FREAKING PERIODS ETC ETC ETC” – me this morning ^^ Yes, TOM kicked in, and so did the number on my scale. 137.6 lbs! I was okay being up in the 136’s range, […]

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02 May, 2012

Let’s celebrate, hills are over!

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Hello! *disclaimer : the picture above is true for about 1 workout out of 4 every week. You know, this workout you don’t really want to do but just kicked your butt to melt calories away and not for the benefit of the fitness itself? I love to think I have this charming poker face […]

01 May, 2012

May already!?

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Hello! First, sorry for the picture above. My collegue thought that it was the lamest joke ever. I laughed for 5 minutes. I guess I laugh really easily… :-p No but seriously, already in MAY!? Where was April?! Oh la la. With the beginning of a new month that we are celebrating today with clouds […]