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24 May, 2012

I’m feeling accountable today.

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It is so sunny and hot and beautiful outside today, I feel like I wanna dance around. I’m rocking my new pink shorts, I woke up bright and happy this morning and I’m planning to run tonight (I ran on tuesday morning, but for a weird reason, everytime I run in the morning I have the feeling I actually ran the day before… So right now I feel like the last time I run was monday. And I miss it. I want to go for a run. Even if I will want to die tonight, running in the heat. Hihi). Great day!

As my title is saying, I want to do some kind of accountability sum up this morning. May is almost over and before June and the summer officially start, I want some face-to-face time with me and this blog to check what I accomplished but also what I should focus and work on. Let’s get this done!

Weight loss

At the beginning of May, my weight was around 136,0 pounds. Today, I stand at 136,2 pounds. Seeing the number like that, people might see it as a failure. The truth is that I lost about 3 pounds during the month, seeing a number in the 133’s not later than last week. My last weekend kinda blow everything out with a salty diet and I am slowly shedding the water weight. Knowing I was at 139.4 pounds tuesday morning, today’s number was quite an improvment! It will eventually go away.

I was talking about this on the 3FC forum and a girl told me she was impressed about how calm I was dealing with this huge amount of water weight. It is true that 2 months ago, I would have FREACKED out. SIX POUNDS OF WATER WEIGHT! OMG! Hihi. But, there is a key word in that sentence : water weight. Not fat weight, not even muscle weight. WATER weight. It will go away. I was able to keep calm and rationalize the fact that if it was a real gain, it would mean that : 1 pounds of fat being about 3500 calories, I would ate about 26 000 calories   in excess to really gain this weight. In 4 days. I mean, I know I undulged, but I don’t recall eating an mammoth either. So, why bother with the stress? :-) I also see that attitude as a victory : I did not only change my eating habits, but also change the way I see my body and health in general. I’m more happy about that than losing weight, to be honest.


I tried SO MUCH new food in May! Some were good, some were not ;-) Here is a few of my discoveries

– Turkey meatballs in a southwest salsa (

– Southwest quinoa salad (

– Peanut butter chocolat banana muffins (

– Turkey burgers with zucchinis. So moist! (


Finally, my new, sweetest, addiction : working out!

In my last post, I think I forgot to mention the fact that I’m OFFICIALLY in for a second half-marathon, who happened to take place much sooner than the one I registered for a few weeks ago… It’s official, I’m gonna run my first half-marathon EVER on June 30th, in my town, in the first half-marathon race it has ever hosted :-) I am thrilled but also SUPER nervous : it’s only 5 weeks away! OMFG. My training is doing well and I think that at this point, it’s more about confidence than anything. I’m not aiming for the greatest time ever, I am a very slow runner (I don’t really run actually, I jog :-P) but just completing it would be the greatest accomplishment ever. I’m looking forward to it.

I am also doing this new routine for more than one week consisting on 50 crunchs and 60 seconds of plan every morning and every night, except for the sundays where I do my long run trainings. I can start seeing some results on the abs, actually : a small line is slowly starting to show in the middle of my abdomen and they are much tighter than before. I keep asking my boyfriend if he sees results. Poor guy.

*me in bra, in front of my mirror, looking at my abs* Do you see a difference? *turn to the boyfriend*

– Yes.

– You’re so looking at my boobs right now. Seriously, do you see a difference?

– Yes.

– You’re still looking at my boobs!!!

(it can go on for a few minutes… Oh well.)

I’m trying to bike more, walk more. But I’m also listening to my body. Yesterday morning, I wanted to get up early to go biking before coming to work… I was sooo tired! I decided to stay in bed and relax. Sometimes the body just needs a break!


Over all, I’m pretty happy of May. I saw friends, I had fun and I feel good about my body.

After all, isn’t it what it is all about? :-)



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