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22 May, 2012

Be happy anyway.

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God, it felt like YEARS since my last blog post. After not blogging for 4 days, I realized that this little thing became really important to me, accountability speaking.

So : I’m back from my weekend at my dad’s place.

I was borned and raised in the eastern part of the Province of Quebec, Canada, where it is moslty sea, lands and nature. Not a lot of people. Tons of little country little towns like mine where everybody know you & your parents & your grandparents at the grocery store or the bank. To me, going at the grocery and being asked 10 times How are you and how is my father is doing, this is what being home is to me.

I was only there for 2 fulls days (I spend most of the 2 others I was away driving the 875 km separating me from my current location to my hometown) and they were BUSYYYYY days. Lot of people to see, memory service for my mom to attend, dinner at my aunt’s, dinner at my brother’s… But it was great and I don’t regret coming back to work a bit tired today :-)

I went to bed early friday night once I got to my dad’s : the road plus all the work week had got me real bad. After a good rest, I woke up at 8AM saturday morning and headed oustide for a run. OMG. It strucked me : I missed, dearly missed home. Every thing was fresh, green, vibrant. The sea was calm, blue, endless. The wind was fresh. The air smelled good. Even if it was a hilly 11k, it felt good so good to run.

Last Christmas was the last time I had seen most of the people in my family and they were BAFFLED by my weight loss. I shed about 20 pounds since last Christmas and they show much more than the ones before. I got tons of compliments all over the weekend, people really wanted to know about what I was eating, how I was training… It felt like all the efforts paid off, and I felt I was finally becoming the one I always wanted to be. Big universal revelations over there. Hihi.

In my opinion, I did okay with the food. I packed a lunch for the ride on Friday. Workout on saturday morning. Ate a bit at the baby shower on saturday afternoon, but nothing over the world. Had the Healthy Breakfast at the restaurant on sunday morning before the church instead of the pancakes I wanted. I had a zero-calories red bull for the ride back yesterday, threw away the pasta salad from the packed turkey wrap I bought on the road and picked some light oven roasted chip to munch on the car ride.

But I drank wine. Too much wine.

And I did not drink enough water.

(Oh and I kinda forgot the baklavas the boyfriend bought yesterday for my return. I ate 3 pieces. They were so good that I don’t even regret it!)

So this morning, I was up to 139.4 pounds.

I was expecting a gain : you can’t go overboard for 3 days without getting nothing in return. And I know it’s mostly water retention (again, gaining 5 solid pounds in 3 days would mean I hate like 5000-6000 calories a day? I doubt it).

I’m not even mad or frustated about this gain. Not even mad to myself. I indulged, but I did good.

I’m mostly amazed by the reactions the human body can have when you change something that it is used to. I mean, 5 pounds of water? Wow. No wonder I felt pregnant with my bloated tummy this morning. Plus I was still able to wear for the first time since I tried and bought my size 7 really short shorts, so I know it’s all in the tummy and did not sneacked in somewhere else ;-)

Don’t mess with the body, he knows what he’s doing.

Oh and also, drink your water. Lesson learned.

I wasn’t willing to let this horrible number on the scale drive me down. At 6AM this morning, while the boyfriend was still sleeping, I got up, dressed up and headed out for my Fartlk run (some kind of interval) run with my Ipod and my rain coat (obviously, after 8 minutes in the run, the rain stopped and I was stocked with my incredibly hot rain coat for the complete run. Scr** you, mother nature!) . I am NOT letting this number bring me down. Plus, my first half marathon is 6 weeks away : I need to stay focus!

Plan for the week :

Eat healthy

My menu is all planned out until friday night, I am doing the grocery shopping tonight after work. No places for surprises during the week!


Run planned for this morning, thursday and long run on sunday. Might be doing some outdoor activity with visiting friends on saturday. Thinking of going for a bike ride early in the morning before work tomorrow and friday morning.

Drink water

Ciao bye, water weight!

Have a great week, everyone! :-)

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1 | unskinnygirl

May 22nd, 2012 at 2:51 pm


Oh wine….. You gotta have some drinks when visiting old friends and family. It’s worth the bloating! It always hard to get in your water,on busy weekends. I’m glad you had a great time!!!!

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