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13 Apr, 2012

Eat wise, drop a size.

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I hope everybody is doing fine… Let’s celebrate, it’s friday!

I had my post-Easter-official-weigh in today. I was so nervous. Oh god I was nervous. My tummy felt bloated from friday to thursday, so I was expecting the worst.

This morning, I hit the scale, after a really bad night of sleep (went to bed around 12:30 after my last street hockey game of the semester and the post ”crap we lost tonight/AGAIN/we really we’re supposed to win this one” beer at a small bar. I went for a shared pitcher, ending up drinking about 1.33 pint. Not bad. So anyways, the scale said 137.6 this morning, which is 1.2 lbs down from 2 weeks ago (last week I was up to 139.0, caused by our always there friendly TOM). I’m completetly, totally, over the world satisfied this morning with that result.

It put me in a good mood to grab my bowl of whole grain Cheerios with half a cup of skim milk, my banana and get set for the day! (This has been my daily breakfast for a while now. I love Cheerios and banana, and I have a great breakfast for about 270 calories. I’m gonna shake things up next time my box of Cheerios is empty though : I need to change my breakfast routine every now and than so I don’t get too bored and tempted to go with waffles and maple syrop all over the place)

I always been the type of person who like to feel in control (and freak out when isn’t) so here’s the plan of the weekend so far :

Friday : 8k run after run, home made chorizo pizza for dinner and going to see American Reunion with the boyfriend (Will I take popcorn? Even without butter, this sh*t is sooooo salty!)

Saturday : the weather forecast is still on our side, with sun and 16 Celsius degrees ; let’s go biking yippeeee! – veggies lasagnas roll for dinner – watching Titanic on TV and remembering my teenage years and how much I was in LOVE with Leonardo Dicaprio

Sunday : having a nice Sunday breakfast with the boyfriend (home-made banana/peanut butter/maple syrup french toasts to get ready for my 13k long run training ; the bf will be in charge of the diner

So that’s the plan! But of course, as usual, everything will go overboard because something we did not plan will come up and changes everythiiiing :-P (I’m working on my control freak side. I really AM! LOL)

What are your plans for the weekends? :-)


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1 | dysfunctionalbarbie

April 13th, 2012 at 9:14 am


omg I love cheerio’s and banana! but when I get bored of it, I’m screwed. lol

Congrats on being down in weight woot woot!

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