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04 Apr, 2012

Sky’s the limit

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Hello, bloggers.

I kinda feel bad writing this down this morning.

In my head, a weight loss journey is supposed to be hard, painful. And these days, I get everything so easy. It does not feel right, you know what I mean? There has to be something wrong with it. And honestly, after re-reading myself on this blog, I feel like the biggest show off ever (which I’m not, I swear!)

I got so many things happening to me in the past days and week that I’m expecting a big castastrophe soon. Because you know, every time things go wonderful, it’s like the world is falling over you the next day.

Considering what happened to me yesterday, I might expect to break my leg or something like that in the next days :-P

Even with this ”OMG something must be wrong” blog start, today, I really do feel like dancing. I accomplished something huge (for me) last night.

As I said many times, I’m following a half-marathon training program. For the last 5 weeks, once a week, I needed to do a Endurance Building run (or tempo run), consisting of a number of kilometers (increasing every week) at a higher speed you usually train. For exemple, my usual running pace is aroung 6:45-7:10 minute/kilometer ; my tempo run was supposed to be ran at a pace under 6:30 minute/kilometer (or freaking fast to me).

I was doing those run with my collegue, after work. I started running with her a few months ago : we were both training for some races and she loved that I was running after work (we work in a hospital with a 1.6k street loop going around it). I think she used me to really make sure that she would do her run and because she’s a social runner : she doesn’t love to run much by herself. I love to run with her, but let’s face it : it’s much harder to concentrate on breathing when you chit chat with someone all along ;) But yesterday, she had to pick something up at a store before the close hour, and I was left alone to run… I knew my tempo run would be better.

I just started to run and… it felt so great. My legs were fine, my breathing was fine. The cardio was keeping up with the pace. The hills, that I had to repeat 5 times, were a bit harder but the downhill afterward was letting me catch my breath and get ready for the next uphill.

Here’s my garmin datas (data freak is in the place…) ;

In blue is my running pace, averaging 6:10 minute/kilometer on my 8k (there’s a major pick in the first kilometer when I stopped to talk to my friend Mel waiting at her bus stop!) and in green we have the elevation variation of the street.

I’ve been freaking out for this training for the last weeks. That far? That fast?

The first time I ran 8 kilometer in October (or was it November?) 2011, I made it a shy under 60 minutes. Yesterday, I rocked it in 49;25 minutes.

I know it was a combination of legs conditions, great weather and solo run, but if I had to learn something today, it is that NOTHING is impossible. You never know what you get inside of you until you really try and push.

What was your latest accomplishment that you never thought possible?


1 Response to "Sky’s the limit"

1 | dysfunctionalbarbie

April 4th, 2012 at 12:38 pm


First off congrats on your accomplishments! You should never feel guilty about them because you busted your ass off for them, whether you think it’s easy or it was hard. Someone once told me you can go as slow or fast as you want, this is for you. If you want the weight to come off fast you bust your ass off for it.

That’s exactly what you’ve been doing is busting your ass off and you are doing amazing! I love reading your blogs, because you are very inspiring whether your weight is sliding off of you like if you were rolling down the hill or if you stalled! You deserve it!

As for latest accomplishments…I don’t know, I can’t tell you that right now because I haven’t done anything that I never thought was possible, just yet! But I will get back to you when I do. :)

Again congrats on everything!

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