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29 Mar, 2012

Do more of what makes you happy.

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I can ASSURE you that last night, running in the cold, drizzling rain/snow wasn’t exacly the definition of what makes you happy. I wasn’t the LET’S PLAY LET’S PLAY puppy of the picture above! I would have been more than happy at home, in my blanket with a tea ;)

I went anyway. Because, I had to face it, nobody was going to run that tempo run training for me.

Tempo runs alwaaaays kill me. I’m not at fast running, not at all, and they take me out so bad from my comfort zone that in the end, I really end up asking myself if I am really improving or something, because I feel I don’t. I know I am, but does it have to be so painful?! Thank god the tempo thing is over for this week.

Next week, it’s gonna be the last tempo run training. An 8k run. Tempo. I feel like dying after 6k. Good lord, good times are coming ahead! ;)

Update on my sneacky scale girl behavior : since I know I’m so close to goal, I really CAN’T help myself but looking at the scale in the morning. I was still at 138.8 pounds this morning (DON’T SCREW UP UNTIL TOMORROW! DON’T SCREW UP UNTIL TOMORROW!!!)

I’m excited but also nervous about the fact of coming to goal. I know my body isn’t exactly what I want it to be YET right now. I’m gonna have to ask myself some questions, about what I want to be and where I want to go about this.

But before the big universal questions coming in, this weekend, we’re partying!! WOOOOHOOOO!

My boyfriend is turning 25 years old and I’ve prepared him a little party with our closest friend. It’s gonna be a totally unheatlhy night of eat, with a theme of ”Beers, Sausages & Cheese party”. All the stuff he likes, basically. I’m gonna cook tons of healthy little appetizers and the most unhealthy cake of the entire world. Usually when I bake, I make tons of substitutions so there’s less fats and everything… But I think my boy diserves of really comforting fatty food birthday… I’ll just personnally try not to go overboard and eat with moderation :)

Have a good day everyone… next time I write, I’m gonna be at goal… or not LOL


P.S. dysfunctionalbarbie : I saw your comment and I’m so bad how to manage the blog that I’m not sure where or how to respond to it… so I’m doing it here LOL. Thank you for your very nice comment, you’re so sweet, and I also can’t wait to know if I finally made it tomorrow morning ;)

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1 | dernhelm

March 29th, 2012 at 8:49 am


Hi there,

I happened to find your blog – felt very inspired by your progress, especially since our starting weight and final goals are pretty much the same! I started the Couch to 5k recently and am hoping I can aspire to what you’ve accomplished. Well done & congrats on all the progress you’ve made! I haven’t been 139 lbs since I was about 19 years old.

Hope you make your goal tomorrow :)


2 | dysfunctionalbarbie

March 29th, 2012 at 10:07 am


You’re welcome! And girl that is awesome you can run 6k and will be going up to 8 soon! I can’t even run around the block without dying lol!

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