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26 Mar, 2012

A weekend to forget.

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Disclaimer : that post is going to be a long and annoying rant.

I had the worst weekend EVER. In term of calories tracking AND relaxing/having fun.

Everything started out great on friday. I had a piece of dessert at the weekly lab meeting friday afternoon for the birthday of a friend/collegue. It was 450 calories that were not really needed but as I blogged on that day, I went for a 5k run after work, burning about 2/3 of the calories of the dessert… I finished my day around 1600-1700 calories, not too bad for a friday night!

But it all went downhill from there.

On saturday, my whole day was booked : I woke up at 7AM (I usually sleep in during the weekend, so it was a bit rough on me) to go to my lab first to check on cells I was growing and after that I was off to help a friend of mine who is moving back in town and needed help to finish painting and cleaning her new appartment before the moovers bring her stuff in next weekend. We ended up eating subway for lunch : I made an okay choice by going with the whole-grain bread and turkay sub with mayo, a diet coke and a mini sunchips package (it was the brand with the lowest calories I recall there). I made it around a 600-650 calories lunch, which was okay, considering the situation (I mean, eh, we could have ordered pizza… but we did not. yay us!) However, one of the girl who had to leave at 2PM and left Pringles behing her as she departed. I had one. And just another one. And another one.

I probably ate about 400-500 calories of not-needed Pringles during the afternoon. And even if I know I must have burned calories painting and cleaning for my life that day, I doubt it was an even deal.

Saturday night, my boyfriend cooked and healthy meal (grilled tandoori chicken tighs) with couscous. But he was craving dessert. He went at the store and came back with mini-brownies and chips.

Usually I’m really good at just saying ”No, I’m gonna have yogourt with fruits” and not even feeling deprived about it. But saturday night, I was exausted, moody, ovulating and I could have eaten everything that was in sight. So I had 280 calories of brownines (hugh!) and a few chips with the boyfriend.

I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but I felt so BAD after that. And I’m not talking ”damn I regret eating that” bad. I’m talking headache and tummy pain : I was literraly laying on the couch cursing my bad food choices of the day. I went to bed miserable and in pain that night.

On sunday, my boyfriend was supposed to leave around 10AM for a 3 hours-drive to his grandmother place where his mom, his sister and himself would go and eat with her for her birthday. I wasn’t supposed to go because I had planned to do laundry and go for my 11k long run training. At 9:50AM, his mom called to say that the grandma’ had decided to moove that to a dinner, so they can eat with the uncle, the aunt and the cousins too. The boyfriend was mad (the grandma’ never really cared about the fact that he have to drive back home at night durning 3 hours and working the next day after dinner). I was feeling so bad for him (and not really secure about having him to drive back home late at night) so I decided to just postponed my stuff and go with him.

I only had the time to shower, get ready, get a quick lunch and we were gone at 12:30 (because obvisouly grandma’ wanted us to be there early). No time for laundry, no time for running. But I felt I needed to do that for my boy, he’s the sweetest and most comprehensive guy you could ever find. We end spent the afternoon and a part of the evening there, having snacks (more I should have :( ) and ate (we ordered roasted chicken. so much salt. sooo sooo much salt). We arrived at 11:30PM and had to get up this morning to go to our usual day job.

I’m tired, unhappy about my weekend (unhappy about the stuff I couldn’t do : I was more than happy to help my friend, but I definitely blame the nasty grandma’. Come on, she forced me to have Jllo for dessert. I DON’T like Jllo.)

On sunday morning, I was up at 140.8 pounds. I did not dare looking at the scale this morning with all the salty stuff we had last night. I think it’s better that way : I don’t need another thing to bring me down this morning!

I’m trying to focus on the week to come instead of the last weekend. I planned healthy meal, I’m going to the grocery tomorrow to fill up the fridge with fruits and veggies, but this morning, nothing can help me feel less like that :

I really need to get this long run training done. My plan is to try to go tonight. I never ran so long after a day of work. And to make it all better, it’s freezing here today! Going from 25 C degrees last week this morning to -5 C degrees right now : seriously, what is wrong with Mother Nature!??!

Take care everyone!


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