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21 Mar, 2012

My Patronus charm worked like a charm.

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Good morning!

This morning, I’m celebrating an anniversary : this blog is officially the blog I updated the most in my entire life (and yes, this is only my fourth post). That gives you an idea on how I was lazy about my others blog. I’m throwing all my hopes in the accountability basket, here.

Last night, I got really proud of myself. Like MAJOR ”oh my god I’m so going to annoy my running buddy with that story today by telling her 4 times” proud.

I’ve never been a person with craving for sugary stuff. I’d like a cookie one in a while, but I’ve always been the ”salty” kind of person. Except for a few kind of dessert that I’d eat over and over and over.

And in this category, we find a classic of the French Canadian Cuisine : the Pudding Chômeur (weird translation : ”Poor Man Pudding”). It’s a syrupy pudding with some kind of cake topping, the syrop being made with sugar, butter, and maple syrup.

Oh yeah. It is has good at it looks like.

It’s one of my boyfriend and I favorite. I LOVE baking, and my boyfriend had plan a really nice dinner for the grand opening of our BBQ, last sunday. I wanted grateful I was for cooking such a good dinner for me, so I let him picked the dessert I would bake.

This was his choice.

I ate a piece sunday night (671 calories. Even after I tried to make it skinny by using skim milk), going over in my calories that day. But I was fine with that. I beleive that if you can’t splurge a bit once in a while, there’s not way you’ll be able to be on a super strict diet all your life.

I also ate a piece monday night : I had been super careful with my calorie budget and ate a salad for lunch so I can have dessert in the evening.

So last night, there was still 4 pieces of dessert to go (why did I bake it so BIG!?). After our dinner and our post-dinner walk, OF COURSE my boyfriend wanted a piece of this marvelous thing. However, I only have about 200 calories left and knew I could’t stop after only one bit.

Because my love if maple syrop is limitless.

Seriously, I could DRINK this thing. Literaly. And I wouldn’t even care how disgusting it is. I’m sure all the Gods of the world drink that all the time in their God-ish cup.

So, saying no to that was going to be hard. Really hard.

But I looked at my boyfriend licking the spatula full of syrup he used to take a part of the cake, took a knive, cut myself half of a mini-bun of my carrot/nuts/white chocolat bread (about 215 calories) and walked away.

Seriously, if there was not some kind of unaware Patronus charm going on here, I don’t know what happened.

I only hope the Patronus will keep coming in until the boyfriend has eaten all the pieces of dessert left and the temptation has go away ;)


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