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20 Mar, 2012

October 2010 to March 2012.

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Hello, whoever you are, who randomly happened to click on this page!

One thing I love about training is when you suddenly realize that you improved at something. You know, the little feeling, the click in your head that pops ”God, I wasn’t able to do that (insert random numbers of weeks here) ago!” I just love when stuff like this happens. It makes all this process, all those efforts worth it.

Since I ran my 10k in February though, I haven’t been able to see much improvment. And yes, that got me down a bit. I went for a run last sunday and I wanted do die. I thought about giving up and just coming back home after 500 meters (try to cheer up yourself with some magic words like ”Keep it up… only…9.5 kilometers to go!??!” I tell you, it does not work). Last night, I had a tempo run training (it is a training you run at a higher pace than usual to increase your endurance) : I was used to do 5k tempo run, and last night I was increasing to 6k. Again, painful, painful, painful. I was overdressed and it was so HOT. I was tomato red, sweaty and not so charming by the end of the run.

So this morning, I was definitely looking for something to cheer me up. Even the motivational quotes on the Fitness section of Pinterest were no use.

I had the idea to compare my current running statistics to my stats when I tried to start this running thing 1.5 year ago. It was right after my mother’s death when I started going to the gym 5-6 times a week (and ended up losing 2 pounds in months, yeah, that time!). In my mind, I was thinking : I know I increased my distance, but I’m really not a fast runner… My pace probably won’t be that different.


I went back on some ooooold MapMyRun workout logs (I don’t use the website anymore though) and I was shocked : the differences was STRIKING.

Right now, I’m able to run up to 10k at an average pace of 7:12-7:20 minutes/kilometer (my best being 6:48 minutes/kilometer) outside.

1.5 years ago, probably 40 pounds heavier, I ran… 1.12 kilometers in 10 minutes, at a 8:55 minutes/kilometer pace.

I was that slow!?” is saying present girl.
Well, yeah! What were you thinking, you were starting, out of shape, and overweight… Look at the things you’ve accomplish so far!” is saying past girl.

Reality check of the day : ”Accept that you still have things to accomplish, but also accept the tons of things you’ve accomplished so far. Nobody will never be able to take THAT away from you.”

So this morning, on the first day of the spring, here’s to ACCOMPLISHMENTS, whatever they might be! :)


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1 | incontrol2day

March 21st, 2012 at 7:34 am


Totally agree that we should celebrate all that we’ve accomplished. Your starting weight and mine are SO similar!

Love your blog too! My 3FC blog is actually just an accountability one. The one with more fun stuff is at :)

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