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29 Jun, 2012


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No picture.

No real post.


28 Jun, 2012

Two days to go.

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137,8 pounds this morning. The fact that I ate 2 slices of bread with peanut butter last night at 9PM probably did not help. If I eat after 8PM, the scale never likes it. But I was super hungry and I prefered giving in something healthy that would actually really filled me up instead of junk crap.

I ran my last training run this morning. The last one of a long, 18 weeks journey that began when there was still tons of snow around. I ran this 6k pushing me a bit, still tired. I felt hard. But I wanted it to feel hard. I wanted that on Saturday morning, everything will looks easier.

They officially closed the susbcriptions for the event yesterday. 2100 runners in! They were expecting 1500 at the beginning. It is the first 1/2 marathon run in 25 years in the town and people got really excited about it I think. Plus it was a perfect schedule, not being in the same period as the marathon-1/2 marathon of Québec City (August) and Montréal (September). However, a lot of the route is on some bike paths and probably won’t be that large for this amount of runners… The good thing is that the half marathon runners are only entering the trail after 1-2 kilometers, so most of the runners will get the time to scatter along the road.

Weather forecast for the big day so far is sunny with chances of rain with a peak of 27 Celsius degrees (31 with humidity). I’m going to pick my runner kit tomorrow so I won’t have to wait in line on saturday morning : less stress is best!

OMG OMG, I can’t beleive I’m actually doing this!!


26 Jun, 2012

4 days to go.

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I’ve been away last weekend and honestly, life has been crazy.

Weight is a bit chaos too. I’ve sticking around 138 pounds for many days. At the beginning, I was putting that on water weight. But usually, water weight goes away. One of two things : this water weight is really really loving hanging in my tummy and muscles or it’s a serious gain.

But honestly, right now, I’m not even thinking about it. My mind is too full to worry avec a 5 pounds gain (5… damn!). Half marathon is 4 days away.

I am SUPER excited. But so nervous at the same time.

The weather is freaking out and the weather forecast are just unable to say what weather it’s going to be. So far we got sun with chances of raining and thunderstorms. And I’m tired… so tired. Can’t remember the last weekend I had to just hang out quietly at home and relax. My muscles are sore.

But I have to put all that aside and get ready for the battle. Because, yes, it’s going to be a battle. Legs will give up around kilometer 15. It’s gonna be hot. I will want to die when I will have to climb the hills on the last 1/3 of the route. I’m gonna need all I got.

This is why I push this weight gain on a tiny dark side of my mind right now. I don’t want to bother with this, not now. I’ll do what I have to do after the race is done.

In 4 days it’s all gonna be over. 4 days.

21 Jun, 2012

Nine days to go.

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I love this quote.

I’m a big fan of the movie. I love how badass Tom Hanks is in it. I also appreciate this quote.

”Of course it is hard. (…) If it were easy, everybody would do it.”

That is what I have to remind myself when I have to run in hard conditions.

I don’t know for you, but here in the Province of Québec, is is FRE-A-CKING HOT. Sun and heat and humidity and everything. It is like 40 degrees outside right now. My boyfriend, who thinks that the top temperature should be fixed to 20 degrees, is miserable right now and the cat is laying 90% on the floor in search of fresh spots. Fun times!

Running after work in those conditions today was unconceivable, and let’s be honest, almost dangerous. I had to run an 11k today in my training plan and I am more than ever dedicated to it. It is just so close to mess everything up.

Therefore, I woke up at 5:45 this morning to go for my run while it was still fresh. And I swear, it wasn’t even fresh anymore à 6AM. It was already 25 degrees and the humidity was over the top. I could have used branchia.

By 6:15, my collegue (who wants to start training seriously for a half marathon herself), her dogs and I were ready to go.

I was HAAAAAAWT. I was sweating my life and every little sense of breeze was the nicest thing on heart.

Around the third kilometer, I thought about going back and finishing a 6k. I would be better than nothing, no?

But I did not.

Running, like every other sport, isn’t supposed to be all the time fun and easy and I’m running with butterflies and unicorn. Sometimes it is just plain hard and you want to give up.

This morning was one of those days. I think I needed to remember that.

Because, let’s be honest, running this half-marathon won’t probably the easiest thing in the world.

But I’ll go through it!

I know I can.

9 days to go.


20 Jun, 2012

10 days left.

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Countdown is up to 10 days left before 1/2 marathon.

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaAhhhh! (sorry ’bout that).

I did my last interval speed training yesterday morning, an 8k run including 4×800 meters splurges. I woke up at 6AM and went to run straight out of bed in the trails near my place. Weather forecast were saying that the day would be really hot, so I got this done before it was insanely hot. It looked a bit like that in term of speed :

I have a 11k run to do (probably tomorrow morning too, it is supposed to be like 40 degres tomorrow). Than it’s gonna be some Taper run, decreasing everything until the big day. It’s gonna be cool to only have ton runa  little 11k this weekend.


I had another body issu yesterday. This time, it happens at night. I had woke up because my cat was throwing everything from my desk on the ground (…) and I suddenly felt calves cramp, but I thought it was because I had wore really high heels during the evening before going to bed :-P I eventually told A after waking up and he told me that people that are lacking calcium typically get legs cramp at night. I eat yogourt and have milk with my cereal everyday, but after looking up at the nutritional values, I realized that I was still not having enough calcium. I stopped but the drug store and got some calcium and vitamin D supplement. It definetely won’t hurt.


I don’t know if I said it already, but I am registered for another 1/2 marathon in Montreal at the end of September. It’s part of the Rock &  Roll series events and it’s gonna be AWESOME. It is currently the biggest running event in the province de Québec (last year there was around 30 000 people). I received an email 2 days ago saying that if we have friend who were planning to run the 1/2 but who haven’t registered yet, to registed quickly because the category is almost already close. THREE months in advance! That is going to be crowded and big and AWESOME!


My friend who got me into running is currently hurt and can’t run much. Being the HUGE sport girl that she is, it is really hard for her to just sit and not move a lot. She was allowed to start running slowly and only on flat route 2 days ago, but it will take here some time to go back where she was.

I think she is running through me right now and seems to be as excited as I am about the upcoming race. She sends be email titled (Only XXX days before your half) and being the weather forecast love that she is, she looks at the forecast for my town and was glad to tell me that it wasn’t supposed to be too hot on the day of the race.

It’s kinda cool to have you personal coach ;-)


P.S. Oh, on the weigh stuff, I’m bloaty as h*ll (is TOM coming? I don’t know) and I’m super freacking up on the scale. Probably still from the chips of last weekend. I’m so focus on the half that I seriously don’t even care that much right now!

17 Jun, 2012

Official countdown is officially ON!

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First, sorry for my lack of posting this week. Everything was a bit chaotic at work and in life in general. I have to do better with the blog : I could really use more accountability.

Thank to unskinnygirl, alizera and dysfunctionnal for your warm concerns. :-) It really, REALLY appreciated it!

In term of calories, the week was okay. I increased them a bit, eating between 1900-2200 everyday. I think it is still under what I should eat to maintain, but at some point, I am just not that hungry. Specially on my training days. At some point, my stomach probably shrunk a bit. I am still working on it ;-)

This week I was for a few days at 134.4 lbs, than 133.4, 132.8, yesterday morning 134.4 and this morning 136.4 lbs. I’m not even freacking out for the last 2 days WI. I had a BBQ on friday at my boss’ and yesterday we had a huge BBQ here. Hello salty stuff! My tummy is sticking out from the bloat. I’ll concentrate on drinking ore water in the next few days. The #2 division thing is acting a little wacky too, I guessis does not help LOL

Yesterday was my last long run training before the half marathon that is now going to take place in 13 days EXACTLY. I woke up bright and early yesterday morning (6AM. It is bright and early for me) and headed out for a run around 7AM before the heat. I think I wasn’t enough early because I was alreay hot and sweaty at 7:50. Oh well.

It was a 19k and I did the biggest part of the route of the actual race. I actually already almost done it all in my last runs but in the opposite way. I wanted to know how the route was flowing, with the hills and everything, to be ready for the big day. Less stress to know exactly where you are going, you know what I mean?

The first half of my run was a bit crappy, I started running way to fast after eating breakfast. I was feeling my banana jumping on my stomach all along LOL I turned the wrong way at some point on a street and after I found my way back (I was at the farthest of my starting point there), I had 10k already behind me and I started feeling better. The banana was leaving the stomach and I had a good rythm even if I had what I call the ”lazy legs”-day. When I don’t run as often as usual in a week (exemple : I skipped my long run training last week) or if there is many days between 2 runs, my legs feels heavy and weird. It was a lazy legs days yesterday, with the lack of long training last week. Nevertheless, my cardio was fine, even with the heat, and I managed to drag my knees and legs along the remaining of the loop. :-)

I was glad I went out to really checked the route. I found out that there is a GOOD HILL to goup in the last 1/3 of the run. I’ll be able to prepare mentally for that and not being taken by surprise.

13 days. Only a little 13 days before my first ever half-marathon. It it so exciting!!! :-)

12 Jun, 2012

The day I fainting at my friend parent’s place.

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”Eat more, Cat, eat more!”


I was a big off the blogs since last Friday. I took a few days off to focus and think, actually.

As my title says, I fainting last saturday. Scary times!

Saturday morning, I woke up, had my usual breakfast (1-1/4 cup of Special K, 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, one banana and a coffee) and was just hanging around the place until I ate lunch (some chick pea salad and a fat free yogurt). A the boyfriend and I departed for a one hour drive to meet up with our friends P and AM. We were chatting in the car, playing zitch-cow in the car while we were enjoying the sun while drinking water from my bottle).

We got at the place of the parents of my friends, where we chatted. The guys went downstairs so P could show A his new PS3 setup while I was talking running and injury with AM, who got badly injured (knee) the week before.

As the guys were coming back upstairs, I started feeling weird. I was feeling hot to my face but cold everywhere else on the body. My eyesight started to get blurry and I was looking for some chair to sit on.

Me to A : I think I’m doing some hypoglycemia thingy… (I never done anything like that before)
A : What do you mean, hypoglycemia? (with a really ”you’re not serious, right” tone)
Me : Well, yeah! Hypoglycemia!

And I passed out.

Next thing, I woke up with A above me holding my head (because I apparently hit a wall falling down) while P and AM were frantically looking through the fridge to get me some fruit juice. Nothing on me was hurting, which surprised everyone because I kinda fell really bad (even left a trace on the wall. And P’s parent’s place. I’m a charming guest).

It took a good 3-4 minutes of sipping juices and eating chocolat cookies, sitting against the wall, to start feeling ”okay” again. The theories on ”what the hell just happened” were flying by.

A : you’re freaking not eating enough!! and not enough meat for iron!
AM :  did you over trained in the last days?

P was just cool and glad I was okay.  :P

Still, it scared everyone, me included. We spent the remaining of the day just hanging around in town, having ice cream (I had no choice with the crew to take the medium size. It was HUGE.) and to have steack on the BBQ at night. I sipped through an orange juice during our walk. My head never hurt, but the shoulder the next day, meaning I must have it with the wall instead of the head.

The next day, I was feeling still a bit BLAH but mostly not secure enough to go for a run by myself like Iusually do on the sundays in preparation for my half marathon.

A, being the sweetheart he is, told me he was gonna run with me that day. A is not a runner, he can go through a dash of 5k, but never trained for long distance. When I told him it would be for a 19k, he mentioned that he might join me on bike :-P

But the weather being really hot, and myself still not feeling the strongest ever, ditched the run for that day. I’ll run the 19k next week.

After thinking about it for a few days, we came to the conclusions that many things could have cause what we now called the ”fainting episode”

– Random hypoglycemia (last winter I was check for diabetes while I was doing some clinical trials and I had a killing glucose metabolism)

– Iron deficiency anemia : possible. We slowed down on the red meat lately.

– Overtraining : possible, but I did not train the day of the fainting, neither the day before.

– Low blood pressure : last time it was checked, it was low, but a ”training person-low”.

– A favorite opinion : I’m freakint not eating enough.

– AM favorite opinion : I have been training for the past 15 weeks and eating most of the week at a deficit. With all the training I’m doing. After a year of dieting and intense training, the body might not be able to completely keep up with everything.

A was scared a bit by all that. We made a deal that I would try to maintain for now and increase my food intake. Just to see how it goes.

I’ve been hitting on 134.4 pounds since sunday. I want to try to maintain in a range of about 2 pounds.

That sounds so complicated.

I’ve been dieting for what seems like FOREVER. Going back to a normal stuff so quickly is overwhelming. I’m even a bit scared, I would say.

I tried out a normal, no interval 8k run this morning. It was okay but it was good. No dizzi-ness of anything.

At least a good point in all of this…


08 Jun, 2012

It’s Rebecca Black’s favorite day!

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Got up on the scale this morning and I was at 132.2 pounds (-1.0 pounds from 1 week ago). Yay! I guess I had a big wooooosh yesterday after pooping my life, drinking a lot of water, eating 1350 calories but most of all running my 10k.

I asked my boyfriend this morning if I should lose more. He said not much more… My pelvis bone are showing, my spine aswell in the back (for the late, I have like, really, ZERO back muscles). The probleme is that I still really hate my tighs. They are all flabby.

His answer was clear ”weight lifting”. BLAH. I hate lifting iron. (plus I don’t have a gym membership and don’t have the money for one until I get a job). Oh well. I’ll just see how it goes for the next weeks.

I am postulating for my first adult job EVER this weekend. I’m super nervous. I probably won’t have it (they ask experience. I have none. Ha-ha.) but I have to start sending some resume away to eventually get some answers… I guess.

The plan of the weekend is still unclear. We’re supposed to be seeing friends tomorrow afternoon/night, so I don’t know if I’ll go for a run saturday or sunday morning. It will depends of the coolest weather forecast I think hehe. I was also supposed to go shopping with the boyfriend tonight but he doesn’t want to anymore. I might go by myself and shop for bathing suit, the one I have right now have this REALLY ANNOYING habit of untying. Not much fun.


One, simple plan/wish. So easy to say, so hard to do, isn’t it? :-P

Have a great day everyone!


07 Jun, 2012

Turbo and the Magic Bean

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My boyfriend finally got back from his 3-days conference yesterday. It was a conference about nutrition in health & science and he had a blast enjoying the super warm and wonderful weather in Winnipeg (unskinnygirl, it was so fun watching his puzzled face when he told me ”the weather was so nice and so hot” ”yeah, I know someone told me!” ”huh???”). He even brought me back a little gift.

A little booklet of how and why cook with beans that they were giving away at the conference.

I was thrilled!!

I was mostly surprised he actually brought it back with him. The man don’t like beans as much as I do.

I guess he did not got the fact yet that he will eventually have to eat some if I cook some… Hihi.

My love of beans is a new and strong teenager, first love, where everything is beautiful and taste great LOL. I was a picky eater as a child (like… picky x 1000000, pretty much no cooked veggies, no beans at all, no fish) and I only started to enjoy beans recently. As a eater, I’m seriously more about the texture and the smell than the actual taste. The mushy texture of the beans was not so hot for me… It grew into me lately, and now I’d eat them every day. So I sat down last night, after dinner/packing lunch/cleaning kitchen/bodyweight workouts to learn more about my new love.

Beans have so much more to offer than just making a killing chili! Their nutritional values are awesome. First, their glycemic index is really low. The glycemic index is the way some food will make your sugar blood level increase. For exemple, chocolat has a high glycemic index, because the sugar blood level increase a lot after its intake, making it a really triggering food for diabetic people. They also basically have no fat in them from what I red, which is awesome. I like to have a ”meatless day of the week” meal every week, and they make a good substitute for proteins. Do I need to add that they are a excellent source of fibers that helps to regulate stomach bloathing and pooping time? For that reason, the booklet was suggesting to had them gradually to your diet if you are kinda new to beans, so your tummy won’t be too surprise of this overload of fibers ;-)

They are also a good source of folate, just to name one of their wonderful nutrients, a molecule really important for pregnant woman, for exemple, helping the formation and development of the nervous system. The boyfriend mention that I should prepare already to have him in on my case when I will get pregnant, because he will make sure I eat all the right stuff the the development of the baby.

I was touched by that, already thinking about being a careful daddy.

But being the couple that we are (meaning arguing couple), I already foresee the situation.

– Have your beans, it’s important for the baby. And have this, and that, and did you ate this, and that.


Luckily I won’t have kids for a few years, that give us some time to prepare for the upcoming fights :-P

There is a few recipes I really want to try soon, like the black beans burgers, a few soup and granola bars.

I also saw a few recipes on Pinterest that caught my eyes lately : black beans brownies (I’m so going to make those without telling the boyfriend that there is bean in them!), black bean salsa and a chickpea/feta/cilantro salad. I am actually gonna prepare the late tonight to bring for lunch tomorrow, my chickpeas are already soaking in the fridge as I write.

Beans are already a big part of my quesedillas that I cook every now and then when I want to put together an easy and quick but tasteful dinner/lunch.

Black beans and corn quesedillas :

– Can of black beans (rinsed and drained)

– Can of unsweetened corn (drained)

– Whole wheat tortilla

– Low fat white cheese

– 1/4 cup of red onion, minced

– 1 glove of garlic, minced

– Cumin, salt and pepper, to taste.

Throw everything together, put 1/3-1/4 of the mixt in tortillas and grill it on both site in a hot pan with a bit of spray olive oil. Serve with salsa and 0% fat greek yogurt (instead of sour cream). If you are feeling wild, you can even throw chicken and/or plum tomatoes in the mixt to add more flavor and proteins!


The scale was still at 134.6 pounds this morning, and that was okay with me. I’m postulating for my first job EVER today. I need to put up my resume together… I need to look good on paper… Good lord, I don’t know how to do that!! *squeeling right now*

Have a good day everyone! ;)

06 Jun, 2012

No time for Michael Buble.

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Okay, I REALLY FREACKING need to put some order in my Ipod. I have been delaying that in… well, forever? but last night, it was the worst.

I was out doing my interval training run, a trainign helping you build up your endurance at higher speed. Last night, my average speed was around 8.7 km/h but for 1 kilometer x 3 times, I had to speed up around 11.5 km/h. Excellent way to take you out of your comfort zone.

When I run alone, music helps me a lot. A song is about 3 minutes that I had ran about 500 meters during that song. Plus the beat helps me to stay motivated through the run.

HOWEVER, last night, I was finishing my last kilometer at 11.7 km/h, and I had about 300 meters to go. An up-beat song from Blink 182 finished and I was hoping for some speedy song to help my maintain my speed for the remaining distance.

What came on?

”It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” by Michael Buble.

It’s not only a Christmas song, it’s a freacking LONG and SLOW Christmas song.

I wear my Ipod in a thingy on my arm so there was no way I was gonna stop or slow down to skip the song. I lived with it.

I tell you, worst motivation music.EVER. LOL

I’m looking for some new songs to build up some running playlist… Any suggestions? What are you listening when you are working out?


I realized I’m pretty much ONLY talking about running these days. As you probably figured it out, I’m really psyched (and also a bit stressed out) about the upcoming half-marathon . I’m probably gonna be talking A LOT about this in the next weeks. Don’t have me too much for that ;-)


The scale went down this morning. At last! After weighing in at 133.2 pounds last friday. I went up to 134.0 saturday morning and 136.0 since Sunday. 136.0 pounds. 136! E-ve-ry morning since Sunday. Honestly, I was getting a bit nervous about the absence of daily fluctuations.

I guess the good decisions and workint out paid out in the end, and this morning I was down to 134.4 pounds. Much better. *relief sigh*

My boyfriend is coming home this afternoon from his 4 days conference in Winnipeg. We are going to celebrate is return with a (healthy) pasta dish tonight, a casserole of rotini with chicken, broccoli and spinach with freshly grated parmesan and a white sauce made of 1% milk. I know he missed pasta dishes a lot since we started dieting and eating healthier… I truly hope he will enjoy it :-)

Happy wednesday everyone!