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For privacy reasons I took down most of the progress photos after my project finished. I only kept the before and after pictures, which you can see here:





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Gluten Free Meal Plan for Weight Loss: Week 1 & Week 2

To start losing weight now, take these simple steps: download, go shopping and start cooking!

WEEK 1 (preview)
WEEK 2 (preview)

For WEEK 1 click here

For WEEK 2 click here

Week 3 (coming soon)

Week 4 (coming soon)

With each 8€ (10.5$) meal plan you will get:

  • detailed meal plan for one week
  • shopping list to get started right now
  • 20 original gluten free recipes
  • tips and tricks for creating your own meal plan

The document contains all the recipes and a full shopping list for the whole week: all you need to do is download, print it out and take it with you to the supermarket.

No hunger and no additional exercise involved – followed to detail, I can personally guarantee you get the results you dream about.

  • This meal plan is an excellent hunger-free weight loss plan for anyone who’s daily caloric need lays between 1800kcal – 2100kcal. It has been successfully tested on a handful of women in both ends of the range: starting weights ranging from 65kg to 112kg, ages between 28 and 50 years.

The 65kg subject started following my plan to drop her last 3kg of extra fat. Results: success in 2 weeks.

The 112kg subject melted down to 108kg by the end of the second week. She’s still on the plan and still consistently losing fat. Average loss over 8 weeks: 1.5kg per week (April 2012). She has already started creating her own recipes and planning her meals.

Remember: all the subjects reported that they are “excited about the new way of eating” and “never hungry“. Sounds good?

That’s because it is good. To get started with your weight loss plan, click here and download the detailed instructions.

  • My recipes are 100% gluten free and nearly sugar free with a teaspoon of honey here and there.  More a lifestyle than a diet, it will serve as a healthy meal planner for the whole family.



There was a day when I was so overfed with cruchy French bread that I couldn’t even bear the sight of it any more! This is why I tried cleaning my organism by cutting out wheat from my diet for 2 weeks… and when I tried it again, I felt sick. I figured that this is not a normal bodily reaction – imagine not eating any apples for 2 weeks and then never being able to eat them any more… doesn’t sound like something that would be likely to happen! I did some research on wheat and gluten and found out that maybe, just maybe (some? most?) people are not meant to be eating wheat anyway. This is why my body rejected it after I cleaned it and gave it strength to fight back.

Now I have been gluten free about 6 days out of 7. Gluten free and mostly also sugar free. This is how I lost 6kg in 2 months without making any special efforts. I am 176cm tall and my starting weight was 85.5kg; it dropped to 79.5 in only 2 months after I stopped eating wheat, rye and barley at a regular basis. I still eat oats most of the time, but I’m currently testing what happens if I cut them out of my diet to reintroduce after a few weeks.

I took a 4-week holiday from dieting in December when my French boyfriend (who is a skinny muscular cook => eats and cooks a lot, which makes it difficult for me to keep to my program) was visiting me and I had to go to many family dinners and lunches. I hoped not to gain more than 2kg back over Christmas and for all the overeating and chocolate and candies, I only gained back about 700g.

In January, after the holidays I restarted my (most of the time) sugar free and (most of the time) gluten free program, eating an average of 2200kcal a day and lost a bit more, seeing a magic number 77.4kg on my scale on the 19th of January 2012. I work out twice a week at gym, lifting moderate weights for 45min. I’m normally used to doing loads more sport, but it suits my schedule at the moment and I seem to be getting fitter by day, so why bother with more unless it’s for fun?:)

My goal is to go 100% gluten free and stay that way, because this lifestyle makes me feel much healthier.

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