Exercise plans

I get a daily e-mail from RandomAbs and follow the instructions in it. More or less. They send me the abs-plan for the day and ask to work out every other day. I ignore the “every other day” part and do it every day BUT I only do one set of everything as opposed to assigned 1-4 sets. No point in overexerting myself.

Also, I wake up early. Like early early. Early early early. Then I eat and take a bus to the gym where I do 30min cardio, whichever style I feel like (Elliptical, bike, treadmill, stairs) and my RandomAbs assignment for the day.

Once or twice a week I like to participate in the BodyPump class, unless I’m busy. No need to push myself too much there;)

And theeeen, when the conditions are perfect, I do more exciting and pleasurable sports: hike in the mountains, ski downhill (or uphill or cross-country), run in the forest, swim, bike uphill (or downhill or cross-country), dance, dive, play, kayak, … well, you get the idea. Life is for having fun!

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