My Story Featured In The Obesity Podcast

It was cool to hear my weight loss story, featured in the “Obesity: The True American Dream” postcast by Brian Greene. I’m happy I could help another person to make their first step towards losing fat. Brian has found a great way for accountability, by going extremely public with his diet and workout journal. Listen […]

Before and After

Here comes… pamparammm! I have lost a few kilos of fat and put on a few kilos of muscle, so the number on my scale show about 1.5kg drop since 2 months back, but my clothes are still getting smaller. Actually, I think I lost most of that fat in the first 3 weeks and […]

Playing With Strategies

Everyone has their opinion about what I should eat, what I should not eat, how I should work out, how I should not work and so on. Thus far, I guess that about 70% of anyone’s opinion has been wrong. That includes me on the topics I know nothing about. It happens, because most knowledge […]

A Picture a Day: Day 17

Today’s routine wasn’t all that hard once I started with it, but it sure was scary to read first thing after opening my eyes in the morning. I tried to sweet-talk myself out of doing it, but eventually failed, rolled out of bed, dropped on the floor and started. 12 Rollback + 20 Goalies + […]

Always love thyself!

One by one, I’m planting seeds of new better habits in my mind. Every little step I take towards losing that fat is a step towards keeping it off for good! For example, when I was stressed about writing my Master’s thesis, I developed a habit of eating a Snickers every day. Soon it evolved […]

Another week, another meal plan

It’s the last week of this month and since I have spent too much money on *very enjoyable* holidays, I wasn’t really able to put together a healthy & yummy meal plan for this week. I had to resort to eating the leftovers of the month, which means TOO MANY carbs! No wonder that I […]

Short walk & chocolate consumption

Our beloved scientists have found a magic cure for sugar cravings! It has finally been proven what most of us probably know already – that even a short healthy kind of physical stimulation (such as taking a short walk) will turn your mind away from the unwanted kind of physical stimulation (such as eating a […]