Here’s How I Eat

(The link for instant download) I worked hard all winter to sketch down my menu, do all the calculations and read tons of scientific articles. I did all the work with these points in mind: my eating habits must provide my body with all the vitamins every day! As usual, I saw how 80% people […]

Playing With Strategies

Everyone has their opinion about what I should eat, what I should not eat, how I should work out, how I should not work and so on. Thus far, I guess that about 70% of anyone’s opinion has been wrong. That includes me on the topics I know nothing about. It happens, because most knowledge […]

Strawberry Chicken Salad

Here’s another variation in my chickpea/strawberry salad lineage. This time I tried it with red kidney beans and chicken. Very juicy. The recipe follows. Also, if you’re interested, I uploaded the meal plan I created (with all the recipes and the complete shopping list) here. It’s downloadable and it’s free;) Strawberry & Chicken Salad 2 […]

Always love thyself!

One by one, I’m planting seeds of new better habits in my mind. Every little step I take towards losing that fat is a step towards keeping it off for good! For example, when I was stressed about writing my Master’s thesis, I developed a habit of eating a Snickers every day. Soon it evolved […]

Another week, another meal plan

It’s the last week of this month and since I have spent too much money on *very enjoyable* holidays, I wasn’t really able to put together a healthy & yummy meal plan for this week. I had to resort to eating the leftovers of the month, which means TOO MANY carbs! No wonder that I […]

Sugar binge again

Today I *mostly* followed The Plan, but in the evening went crazy again and crabbed the super fat super sugary dessert called Cat Arthur’s Cake from the supermarket on my way home. And you know what? I enjoyed every bit of it except for the last bit, because 200g of this cake (sugar, butter and […]

I did well on Monday & Tuesday

Reporting back after 2 days of following a preset menu. On Monday I did well and followed the menu to the point: Choco Coco Oatmeal with slight modifications for breakfast (oh, this was heavy but SO yum!) and coffee w/ 50ml 2.5% fat milk (which is my one addiction that I have given up giving […]

Yummy meal plan for next week

I have developed a new habit for Sundays: I amuse myself with drooling over yummy recipes, making efforts to decide what to eat next week. Planning the week ahead saves me lot of energy, because I absolutely detest shopping. It’s much less pain doing it once a week and going to she shop with a […]