Before and After

Here comes… pamparammm! I have lost a few kilos of fat and put on a few kilos of muscle, so the number on my scale show about 1.5kg drop since 2 months back, but my clothes are still getting smaller. Actually, I think I lost most of that fat in the first 3 weeks and […]

A Picture a Day: Day 60 – The Final Destination

The end! No more daily morning photos 🙂 I have accomplished my mission and taken one picture every morning for 2 months. I will give you a “before and after” pic tomorrow when I’ll have more light… and soon I can have my “prize” or the professional photo shoot. I hope I’ll stay in shape, […]

A Picture a Day: Day 59

Hmm, false alarm yesterday! One day to go! Yippiii! 🙂 Hihihi, it feels like freedom is running towards me – relieving but scary at the same time. After tomorrow there’s no need to take a photo every morning and be scared that I might have eaten too much the last night and bloated… but at […]

A Picture a Day: Day 58

Umph, I feel I’m bloating up just in time for the finaly picture day. Not nice at all!

A Picture a Day: Day 57

A Picture a Day: Day 56

A bit more gym this week, although now that the mornings are so sunny and warm, I want to escape the indoors and run outside! Thrifty as I am, I’m still determined to squeeze the last drop out of my monthly gym pass! I’m unable to motivate myself to use the treadmill, so I just […]

A Picture a Day: Day 55

So what am I doing on the last days of daily photos? The answer is: cooking, eating and writing about food. Food, food, food, all there is, is food! Well no, last night I spent about 2.5 hours in the spa again. Not all that much swimming, but enough to count as exercise and exhaust […]

A Picture a Day: Day 54

A Picture a Day: Day 53

I guess I’m in maintenance now. I’m being fed with humongous amounts of fat every day but lucky me – it seems to go into growing muscles at this point. The numbers on the scale stay between 77.5-78.5kg but I feel my clothes getting bigger and bigger. I have nothing to wear! Soon it will […]

A Picture a Day: Day 52

Gym again! Because I arrived later than usual, all the treadmills were already occupied and I didn’t feel like skiing or biking, so I went straight to the weights. I did my habitual barbell workout for warmup with a light barbell (which is 10kg at this point), then had a muscled guy help lift the […]