I did well on Monday & Tuesday

Reporting back after 2 days of following a preset menu.

On Monday I did well and followed the menu to the point: Choco Coco Oatmeal with slight modifications for breakfast (oh, this was heavy but SO yum!) and coffee w/ 50ml 2.5% fat milk (which is my one addiction that I have given up giving up on); For lunch I had chicken/millet/lentil stew and some iceberg salad (I adore the juicyness of the Iceberg!) + a few shrimps that I skimmed off the top of a savory sandwich cake at work (it’s so much easier to refuse cake at work parties when I tell people that last time I ate gluten, I passed out!); for dinner I had Parsnip soup with major modifications of the recipe & most of a small boiled cauliflower head with olive oil. I couldn’t finish all my dinner even though it was DELIIIIIICIOUS, so I pack the leftover soup and cauliflower for lunch next day. In the snack category I had 2-3 cups of coffee with milk, a cup of Earl Grey Fruity/Flowery tea with a teaspoon of honey and a drop of milk, a banana/kiwi/tangerin smoothie and many cups of different herbal teas. 1 banana and 1 tangerin went down as snacks too. Before bedtime I had a big cup of home made hot chocolate. Sport: BodyPump class or lifting weights continuously and fast for an hour.

Tuesday: Coffee w/milk + strawberry/yoghurt smoothie for breakfast – I’m used to stuffing myself too much in the morning, so in the beginning a small smoothie felt too small but actually it woke me up and kept me going until lunch. I guess eating too much in the morning makes you sleepy again – too much energy goes to digest the food. For the first lunch at 12:00 I had the leftovers from dinner and for the second lunch at 15:00 I had a big box of chicken/fruit salad. This time I couldn’t resist the chocolate at work and ate 3 pieces (=> look! I did well! I was able to stop after 3!). I think I should keep bringing solid fruit to work in addition to smoothies. I had a cucumber/kiwi/apple smoothie and the usual hot drink variety, including 2 cups of home made hot chocolate in the evening (1 of them before bed time). For dinner I made myself a smooth creamy beetroot coconut soup (absolute heaven on my tastebuds!).

Results: It’s Wednesday morning and I weight 77.4kg. I have cleaned my organism from the consequences of overeating at my parents’ house this weekend and lost 1.4kg (compared to 78.8kg last friday).

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