Yummy meal plan for next week

I have developed a new habit for Sundays: I amuse myself with drooling over yummy recipes, making efforts to decide what to eat next week. Planning the week ahead saves me lot of energy, because I absolutely detest shopping. It’s much less pain doing it once a week and going to she shop with a checklist ready. There are not many things that I hate doing, but I had to make a list of them then aimless wondering between the aisles in the super market would be in top 5. I much prefer making lists of things I like, though: starting with fresh strawberries, moving on to good Ethiopion or Colombian roasted coffee and so on… In addition to the neurons I find that I save money with good planning and eat much better in all categories: taste, variety and healthyness.

Here’s my meal plan for the next week. I have all the ingredients at home – all, besides the minced beef for next Thursday and Friday, because I prefer to buy fresh meat and I don’t trust anything that’s been cut off a living thing and has a long shelf life when dead. The plan starts on the plan making day, Sunday, which is today and which is my strategically planned/unplanned eat-whatever-day:

Today, Sunday, Eat-whatever-day:

1. Mandarin, strawberry & chickpea salad (Yum-nom-nom-nom…)

2. … and other stuff that I didn’t note down. You don’t want to know (and I don’t want to tell).


BREAKFAST: Coffee (freshly ground, colombian roast) with milk; Choco Coco Oatmeal

LUNCH: Chicken & millet stew with green lentils

DINNER: Parsley soup; Boiled cauliflower sprinkled with olive oil (my favorite simple dish!)

SNACKS: Coffee with milk; lots of different teas; water; some kind of smoothie; hot cocoa


BREAKFAST: Coffee with milk; Strawberry & yoghurt smoothie

LUNCH: Chicken & fruit salad

DINNER: Beetroot & Coconut soup

SNACKS: drinks as always; a smoothie; a fruit


BREAKFAST: Coffee with milk; Nutty rice pudding

LUNCH: Tuna & millet salad

DINNER: Moroccan style barbequed chicken

SNACKS: drinks as always; smoothie; boiled egg & green salad


BREAKFAST: Coffee with milk; Yoghurt, banana & sea-buckthorn smoothie

LUNCH: Red rice with nuts and mushrooms

DINNER: Beetroot & minced beef stew

SNACKS: Drinks as always; smoothie; a fruit


BREAKFAST: Coffee with milk; Oatmeal with mom’s jam

LUNCH: Yummy Greek meatballs

DINNER: Thai Chicken Curry Soup

SNACKS: Drinks as always; a fruit and/or a smoothie


Check what’s left in the kitchen and improvise.

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  1. OH my goodness, that’s one good-looking salad! love it! I hope you share the recipes, cuz I’d love to try it 🙂

    I also love your weekly menu, it’s a great way to be on track!

  2. Thank you, journey2skinny! 🙂 The salad sure was yummy and it’s quite low calorie + loads of vitamins, just what I need at the moment!

    I started collecting my recipes on a separate page of this blog (I can’t figure out how to get the pages to appear on the upper edge… they’re in the right column at the moment). The link is here: http://www.3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/triinukene/my-recipe-collection/

  3. Thanks you ! I was just there and my I feel like a kid in a candy store, I love trying new recipes! 🙂

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