I’m bummed & disappointed that…

–I was sleep deprived and injured this week and haven’t made it to the gym

–I’m gained so much weight

–I’m really good at making excuses

–that I’m going to weigh in on friday and be disappointed in how much i’ve gained

–that I didn’t track my food this week or track anything really

–that I haven’t lost weight in months

I’m planning on/looking forward to…

–(even though it’s going to be ugly), weighing in on Friday, and it should light a fire under my ass…though I do think the number is going to be BAD

–going to the gym at least once this weekend (and completing week 1 day 3 of c25k) and next week going to the gym at least 3 times and continuing c25k and weight training

–tracking my food, sleep, water, weight loss, works. starting this weekend or next week

–doing an official weekly weigh in starting this friday, and daily unofficial weigh ins.

–losing weigh, and hitting onederland before the holidays. I have 16 weeks from this coming friday until the friday of the holidays. 16 weeks to go from the yucky feeling 200s to the lovely onederland, I HOPE! weighing in on Friday to see where im at!!!

what have people been doing recently that’s kept you motivated and on track?!?!