ugh–off track of course

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just when I’m getting back on course, they veer off again.  this time, i got injured (im ok, no worries).  but, in order to light the fire under my ass, im doing something that should surely motivate me.

on Friday am, no matter what, I am doing an official weigh-in. even if i dont do any gym this week or track like i should, i think weighing in will help me face reality.  i really want to write more but i have to head to bed–ill write more about life, what’s going on, and my plans tomorrow.  I hope! i need to get back on track! i think it would be great to start fresh in september, so im planning on writing a full post tomorrow!

starting september i have 4 months till the holiday vacation where i definitely want to buy some cute clothes.  i know the weigh in will be horrifying and make me come to my senses (i’m guessing im close to starting weight, if not over that–which is going to be horrifying). my first goal will be Onederland asap (i’ll set weekly goals once I see where im at), and then we’ll go from there. but first goal is def onederland!!

full september and forward goals post tomorrow!!! i hope i can hold to it! also, where are my old blogging buddies at??? i need you!


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not weighing in tomorrow am–i fail. also didnt go to the gym tonight and unsure if im going tomorrow.

REALLy need to focus on better sleep, next week, along with better food and consistent gym, but sleep is definitely an issue! must work on it!

Tuesday & Wednesday combined post/recap

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I  didn’t get the chance to post yesterday, so here’s a recap for Tuesday & Today (Wednesday):

Tuesday food was ok. I had the standard breakfast, I had a very light lunch so I got hungry in the afternoon, but then I went to mexican food for dinner with some friends.  Water was good, but I didn’t go to the gym because I had dinner out.  Sleep wasn’t so good, and hasn’t been as good this week as I had hoped, so definitely something to work on now and in the future.


Food for the day:

breakfast: coffee with nf milk, ww bagel thin with light cream cheese, turkey and salami and a banana

snack: some green grapes

lunch: sandwich and a few french fries
snack: lemon poppyseed cookie

dinner: some baguette and cheese, some mini tacos (very mini), cottage cheese and apple. (I was way too tired to cook anything for dinner and this was definitely sufficient)
Exercise: 36 minutes of treadmill, including (c25k, w1d2) go me!! and 30ish minutes of weights and abs! (very proud of this!!)
Water: Drank a good amount of water today, but not quite enough.

Sleep: didn’t get enough sleep as always–>really need to work on this

Grade for the day: B. I was definitely doing the motions, but food (portions and choices) and sleep could have been better. But giving myself credit for all the good things I did, and for going to the gym and doing day 2 of the c25k program! WOOO

goal for tomorrow is a B+ or A- day, ie better food and water. And I can’t forget that I have my first official weigh in on Friday, that will be terrifying, but it must be done!!!

Monday Success (kind of!)

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Today was a pretty good start to my Back on Track weight loss week!  It wasn’t perfect but it certainly was a good start and is better than previously!

Food for the day:

breakfast: coffee with nf milk, ww bagel thin with light cream cheese, turkey and salami and a banana

snack: some baby carrots
lunch: whole foods asian hot bar (i think it was probably a bit too much–better portion control next time) and 2 red vines and 2 andes mints (lunch notes–definitely smaller choices in the hot bar in the future).
snack: an apple and bite of a brownies
dinner: some baguette and cheese, egg whites with spinach and mushroom, and 2 tangerines. (i think this dinner was really good and MUCH healthier than I usually have! definitely a model dinner for the future!)
Exercise: 32 minutes of treadmill, including (c25k, w1d1) go me!! and 40ish minutes of weights and abs! (very proud of this!!)
Water: Drank a good amount of water today and reached my goal! Woo

Sleep: didn’t get enough las

Grade for the day: B. I was definitely doing the motions, but food (portions and choices) and sleep could have been better. But giving myself credit for all the good things I did, and starting the c25k program again! WOOO

I’ll be back tomorrow, because ladies, I AM BACK! this is going to happen! WOO!

Goals for this week (life)

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This weekend I had one of those little epiphanies that always jolts you back on track.  I think the last few weeks I have been so focused on work, settling into my new city and seeing friends, that I was trying to ignore the fact that my clothes were tighter than ever, and thinking that eating pasta with olive oil and cheese every night when I got home was like eating a salad and wouldn’t affect my waistline.  Well, that was intentionally naive and irresponsible.  I just wanted to be like one of those normal skinny girls who eats whatever they want and they dont gain weight.  But we obviously know that’s not me.  So here I am super squeezing into my Old Navy size 14 jeans, and I’m truly probably a size 16-18, which is horrifying considering I was very close to a  size 12 two years ago when I was at the peak of my “weight loss journey”. Since then life has been wonderful and full of travels and fun and learning and wonderful experiences, but weight loss was not my focus. Now i’m in a new city with a lot of friends and a great new job and what I really want now is to be fit, and happy with myself, and date guys and feel comfortable.  I have a long way to go, but I have to take the steps to get there, because as we all now, sitting and eating cheesy pasta isn’t going to get me anywhere (sadly).  So, after I noticed that I truly had gained a ton of weight and my clothes just aren’t fitting like they should, it was time to make moves.

Today I bought a scale and I am doing an OFFICIAL weigh-in on Friday (which will be my official weigh-in day), which is terrifying.  But, it has to be done.  No matter what the number is, I need to face it so I can start losing weight, getting fit, and getting back to wearing cute clothes and back to the smaller sizes I had worked towards before.

So, here are the things I am working on this week, and every week thereafter to get myself 1st to Onederland, and then to way beyond that!

1) Food tracking & healthy choices–Blogging/Recording ALL of the food I eat during the day. I make my breakfast everyday which is healthy and pack my snacks, but I eat lunch out, so I need to make sure that I am consistently picking healthy low cal lunch options and make sure that I record what I eat.  The other thing is to make sure when I come home from work and the gym that I eat a healthy low cal dinner.  And dont fall into the bad habits that I had the last 2 months.  I need to eat a lot of healthy fruits and veggies and less carbs and crap.

2) Gym & Fitness I need to go to the gym 3-5 times a week depending on my work and social schedule, and the general plan will be that I go to the gym at night always unless I have somewhere else I need to be.  I shouldn’t be going home directly after work, I should definitely be going to the gym first.  Within the gym, I am once again, going to start doing the C25K program again.  I have started  it many times but never finished it successfully, so I am going to start C25k at the gym tomorrow night and continuously do it, until I complete it successfully and then from there work on farther differences.  I’m not trying to be a runner, but I am trying to be a fit jogger.  So, aside from doing the C25K at the gym, I also plan on spending 30-40 minutes on weights and abs per gym visit as well.  It’s time to get fit and stop making excuses.

3) SLEEP I need to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  This influences my energy, hunger levels, efficiency, productivity and workout quality.  I know that I discount how important sleep is, and I need to get better at getting a good night’s sleep consistently.

4) Water I need to drink WAY more water everyday.  I definitely feel bloated and dehydrated a lot–so I KNOW this is something I need to work on and drink way more while I’m at my desk at work.

5) Weigh ins and Goals My Official weigh-ins are going to be on fridays and while I may weigh in unofficially during the week to track, Friday’s are official weigh in days.  I’m TERRIFIED of my weigh-in this Friday, but I know it has to happen so I can make weekly weight loss and Onederland goals.  Also, maybe it will motivate me to really stay on track this week, and follow the above rules so I can have the best Friday weigh in possible.  (Fingers crossed). I will be posting all official weigh-in’s here, because, let’s face it, I have to face the music and get myself active, in shape and healthy ASAP.  I know an am accepting that the weigh in will be pretty ugly Friday, but you have to hit rock bottom before you can get better, so Friday is going to happen no matter what.  First official Friday weigh-in, here I come!! (Buying the scale had to happen, and I’m glad I finally did it!!) I know I will feel SOO much better once I’m on track and losing weight and feeling better about myself.

This isn’t my main goal, but I know I need to feel comfortable with myself before I can date and feel comfortable with other people, so this is step one.

So, YAY for getting on the right track, and taking steps to get myself back on track and get myself healthy, fit and Skinny!!! Size 14, 12, 10 and 8 here I come!! WOO

thursday in review

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good: i went to the gym and got 8+ hours of sleep
bad: i didnt track my food and as always ate too much junk
–going to try to work on those things this weekend and next week for sure!

more then just weight loss

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I definitely need to lose weight (obviously).  But some other things in my life need to change as well.
1. I really need to work on time management in terms of a few things. a) leaving work at a reasonable hour, b) getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night (being in bed/lights off by 11pm). Sleep really matters because it affects my work quality, my time management at night/going to the gym, etc.  And I know, sleep is involved with successful weight loss and workouts, so sleep and time management is huge.
2. I need to start going to the gym on every night when I don’t have other commitments, and that is greatly tied to getting a lot of sleep.  so, I’m planning on going to the gym tomorrow night and spinning this weekend, and next week i plan on going to the gym every night where I dont have another commitment.
3. Need to track all my food (i know ive been slacking on this–once again tied to time management and discipline).
4. need to drink lots of water, and track my water.
5. need to buy a scale so I can start doing weigh-ins!!!
i think a lot of these will fall into place when I start sleeping better/gym/hydrating/eating better, so today is the first step by going to bed early (and blogging/making a plan!). more to come tomorrow evening!!
i know im not doing really well at the moment in terms of consistency, but, step by step, and tonight im going to bed at a normal time.
thanks for the support as always! back tomorrow!

thursday recap

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i went to the gym today, but ate pasta for dinner.
need to improve on food. but patting myself on the back for the gym!

week recap/goals/advice please?

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Well, good news first–I finally joined a gym!! WOO. I joined on Sunday and went which was great–now the challenge is going a couple of times a week after work.  I have plans tomorrow but my plan for thursday is to bring my gym clothes to work, and go to the gym right after work before going home.
i haven’t been doing a good job of eating well when i get home, or blogging at night. the problem is, I come home late-ish and by then, im so tired and am glued to the couch–i know i need to make a concerted effort to go to the gym after work, eat properly and blog and track my food, but i think it all comes down to time management, which is definitely something I need to improve on.
If anyone is reading this, How do you motivate yourself to a) workout after a long day of work b) consistently blog and track your food and c) eat healthily when you come home? and d) on a larger scale–how do you manage your time efficiently outside of your work hours?  im also bad at getting to sleep early/on time.
advice on anything/everything greatly appreciated!

Monday Recap

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breakfast: ww bagel thin with some light cream cheese and turkey slices, coffee with nf milk

lunch: sandwich with proscuitto, veggies, and fresh mozarella

snacks: 2 mini tangerines and apples and some trail mix

dinner: brown rice and tofu

water: okay

not enough water and maybe too many carbs? goal for tomorrow–check out the gym!!

goal–be better tomorrow!

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