Another year, another diet

I haven’t gained or lost any weight since my last update, as far as I know. Last I checked, I was in the low 380s. I’m getting married in September, I want to have kids in the next couple of years- it’s time to take my body seriously. Seriously. I’m tracking with SparkPeople- I now have a fast enough computer at work that I can sacrifice the clean and quick-loading interface at Fitday for the faster and easier interface at SparkPeople. I’m not going to try to get involved with any community- it never helps.

The plan, now, the current plan, is to eat five 300 calorie meals a day. Getting dinner under 300 calories is going to be a challenge. But I’m still holding out hope that I can be at my lowest adult weight (under 304 pounds) on my 30th birthday. That’s 79 pounds in six months- a lofty and scary goal, but I really want it.

I’m working out in the mornings. Today was day one- all I have to do is get up at 6 and play an active video game for half an hour. My fiance got me Just Dance 2 for Christmas, and it’s pretty fun so far.

Walks in to the room
Feels like a big balloon
I said, ‘Hey girls you are beautiful’

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