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Yikes… busy monday May 24, 2010

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Morning Ladies!  Today has been nuts!  I had to go to the barn and clean and feed, mow the lawn, and now I need to clean the house! 

Last week I took a hiatus from logging and obsessively compulsively watching my food.  My loss was .2lbs… so at least I didn’t lose any ground.  I am back on track today.  All food has been logged and I am just going to keep moving and trying to move forward. 

Have a great day!


2 Responses to “Yikes… busy monday”

  1. loosingme Says:

    well…you sound too busy to snack and lose track of the prize, anyway! lol course…I seem to always find time to eat, even when I am busy up to my eyeballs with stuff to do…go figure….

    good job not gaining! Thats one thing I think about…if I gain….god, I do not want to have to lose that weight all over again….ever.

  2. moonfairy Says:

    busy, busy!

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