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Craziness Abounds…. July 2, 2010

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Morning Ladies!  It is the start of the holiday weekend, and despite just getting back from vacation last week… I NEED IT!  Last week we took the horses to the ocean and had a great time.  DH even got in the saddle, and had lots of fun.  He admitted last night that he has a bit of the horse bug, so we may even be able to get him out on a trail ride!  🙂  This weekend we are planning on taking the boat out and give it first of the season run before we haul it over the mtns for our family vacation.  I am less than thrilled with the prospect of pouring this body into a bathing suit. 

Weight loss is still happening, although  it is fractionally…infintismally…slowly (to say the least.)  But I still weigh less than I did the last time I journalled. 

A friend tagged me in some photos from the beach.  OMFG!  The only thing that I can say is that lots of people looked a lot worse than they do in real life.  But it is still another reality check that I HATE MY BODY!!!  So maybe it will give me a little bit more gumption to get back in the swing of things. 

I hope everyone has a safe and sane and fun 4th! 


I’m here… but not really… June 2, 2010

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Wow… things have been really busy lately.  The weekend was busy and non-productive all at the same time.  The weather was horrid!  Poured the entire weekend, well up until 4 on Monday!  Poor people who went camping, had a nice drive home!

Food has sucked… exercise has sucked… generally just feeling unmotived.  I forgot to get on the scale on Monday so I will pull myself together and get on next Monday. 

I hope you ladies are doing better than I!  😉  Have a great week… it is almost over!


Happity Humpity Day????? May 26, 2010

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Morning Ladies!  I hope everyone’s week is going well!  Mine has been busy busy busy.  I have some work I have to get done today, and it doesn’t include any household chores!  Work has basically been non-existent these days.  It is frustrating, but I am enjoying spending time with the kids and hobbies.  If things don’t pick up by the end of summer, I will have to start looking for a “real” job.  😉 

Yesterday was a good day, I went out and rode horses, got some grocery shopping done, and then came home and relaxed.  I bought baked chicken at the store, so dinner was super easy!  I just made a pasta salad with some crumbled cheese and low fat balsamic dressing.  It was YUMMY!  DS scarfed down three helpings, which is unusual for him.  I did however have some transgressions with an oreo cookie (or three).  But… today I will leave those pesky little things alone! 

I hope everyone has a great day…


Rain is on it’s way… May 25, 2010

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Last week the weatherman said we would get a break from crappy weather “next week”… evidently next week never comes.  As the forecast has changed once again and we will get another week of rain.  ;-(  I guess my garden will enjoy the weather!  I got both of my planter boxes planted with lettuce, kale, onions, broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, snap peas, and two types of heirloom tomatoes.  DH has gone TOTALLY overboard in making a cage for my garden to keep the pesky critters out.  I think it is the dog that keeps getting in the garden.  He seems to like the onions. 

We also put the turtles in their new outdoor turtle home.  This time we WON’T be losing anyone!  It is a big box, that is completely enclosed with chicken wire top and bottom.  Dh stained it a dark brown, and DS made a wonderful turtle habitat.  They seem to really enjoy it.  Best of all… I won’t have to deal with the fruit flies this summer!  With four turtles, it really overpowered our entire upstairs.

Today is a barn day… but this time I will get to ride.  Yesterday I cleaned stalls and knocked down hay.  Not that much fun, but it is a great workout!  I will also stay OP today!  😉 


Yikes… busy monday May 24, 2010

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Morning Ladies!  Today has been nuts!  I had to go to the barn and clean and feed, mow the lawn, and now I need to clean the house! 

Last week I took a hiatus from logging and obsessively compulsively watching my food.  My loss was .2lbs… so at least I didn’t lose any ground.  I am back on track today.  All food has been logged and I am just going to keep moving and trying to move forward. 

Have a great day!



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I hope you have a fantastic day on your birthday!


@#$#@%@ Scale!!! May 19, 2010

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I guess all of my transgressions caught up with me.  Scale is reporting up almost a pound from last week.  GRRRRR….  It is my fault.  But it is still frustrating.  WHY WHY WHY is this so hard for me?  A friend is trying hypnosis… if it works for her I am going to bust down their door and get myself hypnotized!  I hear all the time, that WHEN I want it bad enough I will find the willpower to succeed.  I want it really bad.  I am tired of feeling like a fat frump, but it is so discouraging when little tiny slips mean the difference between a loss of 1lb and a gain of 3lbs or when I limit myself to a 1300 cal diet and exercise 4 times a week and I only lose 1lb. 

I am also convinced that the research as to how many calories make a pound is a bunch of bull#$*@!  I have written down everything that has gone in my mouth, and I don’t discount for calories out (exercise) … so why is a calorie increase of 500 result in a 1 pound weight gain?

I think we still have a lot to learn about the bio-physical aspects of food and weight loss.  My sis, who eats SOOOOOO BAD can lose weight simply by elminating ONE of her fast food meals of the day.  While still eating her other two meals at McDs.  We weigh the same… I eat egg beaters and lean ham, she eats a Sausage Egg McMuffin, I eat a turkey sandwich on whole grain no mayo, no cheese, She eats a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and fries, for dinner I eat grilled chicken breast with low cal low fat balsamic salad, she eats tuna fish casserole smothered in cheese and crumbled potato chips.  SHE MAINTAINS… I MAINTAIN.  Tell me how could this BE if weight loss is ALL about cals in… cals out?  I have more lean muscle mass than her… I SHOULD burn more cals than her?   

Sorry… it is just frustrating.  Now physically, I could kick her a$$.  I have buns and thighs of steel from riding several hours a week.  My arms are rock hard, my stomach is still made of jello but even when I was “thin” my tummy was soft and squishy.  Having children have not helped my stomach at all.  My mom watches both of us and just shakes her head.  My sis SHOULD weigh 500lbs… I SHOULD weigh 150.  It is very discouraging. 

Am I doing as much as I “can?”  No… I could workout 2 hours every day, reduce my cal consumption to almost NOTHING and I would likely lose more weight.  But can I LIVE that way?  NO!  Whatever lifestyle I choose to embark on must be maintainable and enjoyable.  I don’t want to be a slave to losing weight.  It already consumes way more of my time and mental energy than I care to admit.  What I am doing right now… should be enough!  I am within my flex and bonus points every week… I work out vigorously four hours every week.  ?????

Okay… I am done venting for now.  I was also discouraged watching TBL last night and seeing how many of the past contestants have failed.  Sure they had great losses when they were in a “competion” but once they got back into the real world, they reverted to their same old habits.  Only two of the contestants actually looked like they were within 20lbs of their finale weight.  The other two, were back to being obese.  It is a viscous cycle.

Well ladies… have a great hump day!  Back to the grind……


Tuesday… let’s try this again. May 18, 2010

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Morning Ladies!  Yesterday wasn’t the best of days, but by the end of the day I had shed the cloud that was hanging over my head.  But I did have a misshap with the lawnmower…  I put it in our small creek bed!  I emailed DH at work and told him I got it stuck “near” the creek, because I  knew he would stress out about it.  But I wanted to tell him, because as soon as he drove down the driveway he would see it stuck.  After he got home, he walked in the house and said, “near???  what does “IN” look like?”  LOL… it only took us a few minutes to get it out, so he got to finish the rest of the lawn.  Which is good… because today it is RAINING!  Oh well… I guess that is what keeps us so green here.

Lots on the agenda today… going to the barn, finish cleaning upstairs bathrooms, paying bills… all the fun stuff.  Food was okay yesterday, although I did make a rather decadent dinner.  A potato, bacon tart.  YUM!  DH took the rest of it for lunch today, so I don’t have to worry about it seducing me into eating it!

Well ladies… I better get to it.  Have a great Tuesday!


Grumpy Monday… May 17, 2010

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Morning Ladies!  I have no idea why I am in such a bad mood… but I am!  I weighed in this morning, and I am down .6 pounds.  Very disappointing, but I deserved even less.  This weekend food was not good.  I will do better today and the rest of the week.  I have been in a funk for the last few days, and I don’t have a good reason. 

Last night DS#2 kept everyone in the house awake.  So part of my grumpiness is due to a lack of sleep and a little bit of hostility that I am the only one that takes care of him.  Which isn’t fair… DH works a lot and has to get up at 5 in the morning.  But even this weekend when he could have provided a little bit of relief, he FORCED himself to stay in bed.  Then he had the nerve to complain that he was “sore” from the bed.  #$%@#$@#!!!!  I wouldn’t know… I was up at 6 am just like every other morning!

See… I am cranky!  Maybe I should take some hostility out on the bathroom floor, kitchen, and clean some carpets!  I also have some yard work to do… maybe I can get rid of this cloud hanging over my head.  😉

I did get my car back!  It is so nice having it back.  I have missed it terribly.  It smells kind of funky from sitting so long, but I am hoping after I clean the carpets that it will smell much better.  The fuel costs and maintenance costs of driving the Tahoe have been astronomical!  It was so refreshing to go to the gas station and fill it up with $30.  The Tahoe takes almost $70 to fill up and I swear it just “evaporates” from the tank!

Okay… well I better get a move on.  Need to make this a better day.  Have a great Monday!


I’m a dork… May 14, 2010

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I had a great lunch visiting with my friend from HS.  I didn’t stay OP, but I didn’t make super bad choices either.  I have room in my points… so I wanted to enjoy myself.  At the end of lunch, I go to get my keys out… OOPS… I locked them in my car.  Unfortunately, my friend needed to get back to work for an important meeting and we were almost a mile away.  LOL… she is such a trooper, I walked her back to work (she was wearing strappy high heel shoes) and then called my mom to come rescue me.  Then I called DH, and had him meet me at his work to get his key, then mom took me back to my car.  It was a 3 hour adventure, but I am so thankful that I have family who are willing to help me out!

Needless to say… other plans for the day were SHOT.  So I went to the grocery store and then called it a day.  DH had a horrible day at work, that I think was compounded by my interruption.  He was really really cranky when he got home.  It took him about 1 1/2 to get back to normal.  I also realized that I missed our 10 year date anniversary the day before.  We have been together for a decade!  Seems so crazy!

I hope to make up for lost time today and get some other things done!  We may be going to visit my MIL this weekend if DH can get everything done.  Well ladies… have a fab weekend!


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