June 10th, 2013

Ok, surfacing.  I have to learn to acknowledge how things are affecting me and take action more quickly. I am just a hormonal rollercoaster mess these days.  This is not a good thing when you work in a cancer support organization.

I seem to have finally got my butt in motion and am off the couch on my way to the 5k. I found a hiking trail about 12 minutes from my home that is only lightly used, which means I can usually let the dog run. Here’s my starting point – if I maintained my current pace I’d finish a marathon in 7 hours.  (As if.)

I am absolutely horrified by how I look in pictures. And to make it worse, I am interviewed by tv all the time in this job.  I just look pale and ill and bloated.  So either I make changes or I start wearing muumuus.

Off to yoga, even though I don’t want to go.  I feel like a whiny child who doesn’t want to do anything.

Sigh.  Sorry, not much fun to be around these days.

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