January 13th, 2013

I know this is just a January thaw and winter will be back with a damp thud very soon but darn it was nice to walk around the neighbourhood in a sweater. It’s dirty and wet out there but 10 degrees still feels great.

It has been a hectic few months and it is not going to get any easier, I think. I am still organizing my new house and my plans keep getting derailed. Mostly due to young people. Anyway, somewhere in the last few months some old bad habits have gotten hold again. The result – about half the clothes in my closet don’t fit. So I am moving them all into the garage. The big hole in my closet will remind me to stay away from the late night snacking that has gotten just a bit out of control. My plan is to have a big fashion show in April and everything that fits then gets back into the house.


Well, somehow I didn’t expect to end up with a basket of ironing!

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