July 31st, 2013

Next week I will be on vacation. Sailor Boy and I will be sailing for the week, on the Great Lakes. Cruise sailing is not very strenuous – short bursts of activity, hours of mostly sitting, repeat as necessary. We’ll be anchoring out but I will have the kayak with me and I will make a point of paddling every day, whatever the weather. Well, ok, not if it is stormy or high winds, I might not make it back to the boat!

July 29th, 2013

I really don’t understand how I can be dropping inches but not pounds. Ok, maybe ‘dropping’ is too strong a word, perhaps slowly melting away. With the emphasis on slowly. Still, wouldn’t you expect that if you are now 10″ smaller ( here and there) than you were two months ago that the scale would have moved more than ONE POUND?!?


Got two good wuns in over the weekend, despite the rain. My warm up speed is now what my interval speed was when I first started, which means my average speed has gone down by almost 2 minutes. Not that I am particularly fast, but it shows just how your muscles can learn new things pretty quickly.

July 22nd, 2013

I have the nike ipod thingy back online and I am racking up the mileage each week. I am doing two walk/runs (wuns) of 6 km each weekend and between 3-5km powerwalk every day. That’s more weather dependent.

I am trying to be more conscious of sugar and flour which means replacing the breakfast muffin and the mid-afternoon cookie with more fruit and vegetable things. I was doing salads from a nearby grocery store deli counter until I got hit with food poisoning – TWICE. Luckily I found a little cafe in the same plaza that make fantastic salads.  However, budget pressures will mean that I will be brown-bagging it more often, which will help keep things healthier.

June 26th, 2013

From June 2 – 26 I have lost 5.25 inches. That sounds so impressive – a couple of inches of the waist and then a bit here and there. The weight doesn’t really change so I am trying to stay focused on the inches.

This weekend is the holiday, I am going on a sailing trip. I am really looking forward to it, even if the weather forecast is for cold and wet, it doesn’t matter.

June 12th, 2013

Am into week 2 of the beginner 5k training program from podrunner. I am doing an hour session – 28-30 minutes of the podrunner and then back to the truck with some other playlist. It’s a straight-out, straight-back route and I am covering in total about 6km. The dog gets to run free for most of the trail, and I just have to watch out for skunks and snakes.  First two weeks I have dropped a lot of the bloating, which looks good on the scale.

But man am I still cranky and gloomy. I am doing a good job of hiding it though I think.

June 10th, 2013

Ok, surfacing.  I have to learn to acknowledge how things are affecting me and take action more quickly. I am just a hormonal rollercoaster mess these days.  This is not a good thing when you work in a cancer support organization.

I seem to have finally got my butt in motion and am off the couch on my way to the 5k. I found a hiking trail about 12 minutes from my home that is only lightly used, which means I can usually let the dog run. Here’s my starting point – if I maintained my current pace I’d finish a marathon in 7 hours.  (As if.)

I am absolutely horrified by how I look in pictures. And to make it worse, I am interviewed by tv all the time in this job.  I just look pale and ill and bloated.  So either I make changes or I start wearing muumuus.

Off to yoga, even though I don’t want to go.  I feel like a whiny child who doesn’t want to do anything.

Sigh.  Sorry, not much fun to be around these days.

February 26th, 2013

Officially moving the clean Feb project to March.

That is all.

February 10th, 2013

So far,the clean Feb idea is still in start-up mode. A day here, a day there. On the good side of the ledger: I have had hardly any baked goodies, (cookies, muffins, etc.) and I am bringing my lunch to work 3-4 days a week. On the still-working-on-it  side of the ledger: still having wine with dinner almost  every day, and the small increase in exercise is not enough to make much of a difference in how I am feeling.

However, today I went for a long walk. It is a very crisp bright winter day with about 3 feet of new snow everywhere. And I just made a big pot of veggie soup to contribute to the lunch menus this week.

January 30th, 2013

A few years ago, friends of mine told me about their February resolution habit. They promised themselves one month of clean living and eating to recover from the holiday excess and make them feel better about winter. They chose Feb because it was less of a cliche, it kept them out of that new year resolutions failure loop, and it was the shortest month!

So for Feb they ate well, didn’t drink and got outside as much as possible.  Every year since, I have thought about it but never actually followed through. This year I am following through, to shake off that grey feeling of winter lethargy and get ready for spring.  I am not expecting to travel nor to have company for the next few weeks, so this is a good opportunity to relax into it.  I will say upfront I am probably not going to give up coffee, I mean, there are limits.

January 16th, 2013

I am absolutely refusing to buy new clothes, except for pantyhose. Honestly, $8 per pair, at average 3 pairs per week…I seem to be able to get a second wearing out of every second pair at the most. I started wearing tights more often because it takes longer to make holes in the toes.

Today I am working a 12 hour day so I ran home at lunchtime to walk the dog. It’s just not fair to leave him alone for 12 hours. It is a sunny day, although cold, so we both enjoyed the 15 minute romp around the neighbourhood. And finally (almost 3 months in) I found out where my mail is going. There’s a community mailbox – well, actually several of them – in the subdivision and I didn’t know where my little box was. Yesterday I just picked up the phone and called for the location and voila, I now have mail. I think I was probably worrying people by frequently randomly testing my key every time I walked by.

This is turning into a pretty good week, if I disregard the new pile of ironing. And I am.