March 6th, 2009

I am thinking we need a weekly challenge, diet or fitness related. For example, the challenge might be “What is currently your biggest weakness?” My answer would be Girl Scout Cookies, we’d each have a different answer. Then the challenge would be GIVE IT UP FOR FIVE DAYS. ZERO EXCEPTIONS. I don’t care if the Girl Scouts kidnap me and hold me at gunpoint, if I eat ONE SINGLE COOKIE during the week, I lose. Or it could be fitness related, like 30-minutes of exercise EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. Whatever. We’ll each take turns coming up with the challenge.

Each person in the “group” will take turns hosting. When you “host,” you need to (1) pick a challenge, post it on your blog, (2) create an award for the participants that week and (3) designate what the penalty will be for those who do not meet the goal.

That’s right. Because we’re all adults here and we know that life isn’t just about positive reinforcement. Sometimes you need to get spanked to learn a lesson. Penalty might be you have to post a close up photo of the part of your body you hate the most, or post a swim suit pic that you detest, or put up a You Tube video of yourself singing virtual karaoke. The possibilities for humiliation are endless, and should be enough to keep us all motivated, right? RIGHT?

A week = Monday thru Friday. You commit over the weekend to being IN or OUT. Start working towards the goal on Monday. When Friday is over, you need to post a comment with your success or failure. If you met the goal, you get to copy the “award” onto your blog… braggin’ rights! If you missed the goal, you have to fulfill the penalty and post for the world to see.

Come on chicks, LET’S DO THIS SHIT. Who’s in?

I am going to host the first challenge. Check my main page for the deets.

3 Responses to “SLUMP BUSTERS”

  1. eryn76 Says:

    Oohh… question… if we meet the goal ahead of time can we post our “award” ahead of time? Just wondering since i will be MIA from Thurs to Sunday.

  2. firefly Says:

    We need a new slump buster challenge. OK, I need a new slump buster challenge. Even though it is Friday. Especially because it is Friday.

    I should probably have read the above post first…

    Does this mean I need to host the challenge? Oh crap.

  3. docfit Says:

    wow this is such a great idea i love it!!! has this been going on? i definitely want to join! i definitely have diet weakness and this would be a fun and supportive way to tackle them head on!

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