Weigh in

September 10th, 2008

Finally a weight loss… thank God.  Down 3.2 pounds this week.  Halleluiah.  Of course, I probably gained that much during my Taco Hell pork-out-a-rama today, but at least I have shown progress for the first time in, what?, like two months?  Also had measurements taken today and down 2 inches this month, which is actually 2 inches in two months because August measurements were EXACTLY the same as July.  Total lost to date: 38 pounds, 31 inches.  I was feeling really good until the Taco Bell.  Now I am just depressed.

Weigh in

August 27th, 2008

Surprise! Nothing much has changed.  THIS SUCKS.  I am 148.6.  Oh, and last week?  I didn’t get the numbers right.  Last week I gained!  It was under a pound, but still, just so the record is clear, I GAINED WEIGHT LAST WEEK.  This week I lost .6 of a pound.

I am sticking to my plan of no food logging during this final vacation of the summer.  My goal is to maintain where I am, not gain anything.  I think I can do it.

But after that, I need to get my ass in gear and DIET again.  My original goal was to get to 150 and I’m still proud of myself for getting there, but I need to lose more.

So new goal: lose 13.6 pounds to get to 135 lb BY HALLOWEEN.  October 31.  That’s the goal.  It’s completely doable if I just buckle down an do it.

Weigh in

August 20th, 2008

There’s not much to say.  I am down .6 pound.  For all the f*ing exercise I have been doing, I excpect and deserve more!  I’ll forego the whining and be happy that it’s a loss, not a gain or a hold.  But jeez!


Weigh in Schmway in

August 13th, 2008

This sucks hard.  I lost one pound.  In two weeks.  After having gained more than one pound.  So I am not even back to my “best” weight of three weeks ago.  WAAAAHAHHHHHH!  So frustrating.  Weight today: 148.4.  Lowest weigh in three weeks ago was I think 148.2.

Also, it was my four-week measurement day.  EXACTLY THE SAME, INCH PER INCH, ON EVERY PART OF MY BODY.  I did not lose so much as 1/16 of an inch over the last four weeks.  So, basically, I have made ZERO progress in a month, a month in which I worked my ass off, though I was not completely on food plan.  BUT STILL!  Shit!

It is hot as balls outside and my retarded family wants brats cooked on the grill for dinner.  My effing legs ache and I am walking like a 90-year-old.  Let me say it again, WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

I’m up almost 2 pounds.  I can’t tell you exactly what the number is because I didn’t write it down and made a conscious effort not to let it even penetrate my brain.  I am sticking with last week’s weigh in as my “official” weight and moving forward from there.  It’s a blip on the screen, I’m moving on now.  But I will take away from this week a lesson: it is WAY TOO EASY to fall back into bad habits and the pounds come on WAY TOO FAST when you do.  One weekend of indulgence (and I didn’t even REALLY go hog-wild at that!) and over a pound and a half?  So not worth it.

Went to the gym after my weigh in for a treadmill run even though it’s gorgeous outside.  Not sure why??  Anyway, ran for 30 minutes and my foot was KILLING me.  I could feel a blister or something rubbing right between two toes.  I felt it immediately but figured I could soldier on thru to get in at least 3 miles on the treadmill.  But at half an hour it was really throbbing and I am imagining a bloody stump inside of my running shoe, so I stopped at 31 minutes 8 seconds and had run 2.5 miles at a sonic boom speed of 4.8 mph.  Got home, took off my shoe and there’s a little tiny slash on one toe rubbing against another toe.  I’m putting a band aid on and then I think I’ll do an exercise DVD while I’m already dressed for it and needing a shower.

How smug and runner-like do I feel whining because I ONLY got in 2.5 miles today?  Hee hee… when I started couch to 5k the idea of running one mile, consecutive, without stopping or walking or stroking out, was INCONCEIVABLE!  Today I celebrate how far I’ve come, not one little abberration in the weight graph.

Here is the deal: I have not lost weight this week.  I maybe even gained in the less than 1 lb range.  My exercise level was good, but my eating-shit level was high, what with the camping and the M&M’s and my friend Captain Morgan, etc.

This is my Jenny Craig weigh in morning and I don’t want to go.  I don’t need to buy food because I have a ton of it left over from when I was eating the aforementioned shit all week and not eating my JC meals.  But not going kind of means I’ve given up on the program, and I don’t know that I am ready to quit it just yet.  My original weight loss goal was get to 150, and now I’m there and, whoops, still chubbing it up, I want to lose more.  And Jenny Craig has worked for me to reach that first goal, and I’m sure it would work for me to reach my new goal if only I actually made an effort to stay on program.

But the whole going in for a weigh in and plotting it on my chart when I know for a concrete fact that I have not lost weight seems kind of like “asking for it.”  I’m not going to have a good day after I go weigh in and feel like a tub-o-lard.  But consistency is one of the keys to success, and today is my weigh in day, like it or not.

That’s my morning dilemma.  And I need to decide now because it’s almost time to head over there.  Plus I’m starving and won’t eat if I’m going to go weigh in, so no breakfast until I decide, heehee.

Weigh in

July 23rd, 2008

Down 1.6 this week.  Yipee!  Wish it were more, but I’ll take what I can get.  And considering my total lack of commitment with regards to my food plan recently, I should be doing the happy dance.  Let’s get this race won… giddy up!

Weigh in

July 16th, 2008

Down 1.6 pounds, kind of anticlimatic for a two-week period.  Better than a gain, though!  Slow and steady yada yada yada.  Screw that, I don’t want to be a tortoise, I want to be a freaking hare and get this weight loss journey OVER WITH.

Had my weigh in today.  Skipped last week.  I’m down exactly one pound in two weeks.  Not exactly losing too quickly.  I need to step it up, which is my goal for the next week… stay on food plan and exercise five out of the next seven days.

Weigh in

June 18th, 2008

Down .8 of a pound this week.  Yay, I am down, not up.  Wah, I thought it would be more.  I don’t know why it’s not more.  I had my best week ever in frequency of exercise, and certainly not my worst week with food.  I’ll try to focus on the Yay vs. the Wah and enjoy the fact that it is a loss.