… starting a sewing project because, hello, I bought an assload of patterns and fabric etc. when I was on my “sewing roll” and haven’t touched any of it.  Typical me.  So I’m thinking a simple skirt for work.

Pirates & Indians

June 6th, 2008

vest-pirate.jpgvest-indian.jpgDD9 was in the play “Peter Pan” last night.  It was a CYT (Christian Youth Theatre) production that was part of an afterschool program at her school.  She was a pirate for part of the show and an indian for part of the show.  Costuming was a CYT tee-shirt and “accessories” for a pirate and an indian, with about 2 minutes to change from one to the other.  I used my trusty garage sale sewing machine and whipped up a reversible vest suitable for a pirate on one side and an Indian on the other.  I’m pretty proud of my handiwork : )  The play was adorable, btw.

Sewing Project Done

May 26th, 2008

sewing-bag.JPGI completed my first project.  I have not completed my tote bag which I started in class on Thursday, but I did do the homework and am ready to go to class this Thursday and finish it up.

In the meantime, I made a “notions holder” to match with my fierce sewing bag.  Check it out on my Sewing Project Photo page.  A bag this cool needed to have special accessories.  And anyone who has a kick ass sewing bag like this (namely me!) is making a bold statement that sewing is cool and rockin’ and kick ass and not lame and old lady-like at all.

And so it begins…

May 25th, 2008

singer-645.jpgI would love to find a free hobby, something fun that doesn’t cost money.  I’m taking a sewing class and love it.  I am using an old 70’s era machine.  I took the machine to class and used it and it was fine, works great actually.  I had sewing homework to do, so I set up the machine on a card table and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE it’s impossible to use because the table rattles and shakes when I use the machine.  I didn’t want to set it up on the dining room table, because I want to have a space to keep it set up and be able to use it, not have to pack it up and set it up every time.

So, of course, I need a sewing table. 

Saturday morning I wake up to lots of ruckus and look outside to investigate.  There’s a huge garage sale going on across the street.  In an empty house.  The house has been empty, like gutted empty, for over a year.  There was no stuff left in the house, I know, I’ve been inside.  So where the hell all of this stuff came from, I have no idea, but HUGE garage sale with appliances and furniture and general garage sale crap.

In the back room of the house, the’ve got a sewing machine in a sewing machine cabinet/table thing.  I need this!  Perfect!  I ask how much, the guy wants $125.  Uh, hello, I found 10 of them on Craigslist for $50 or less, but don’t want to have to go pick it up across town.  So I offter $50, but no deal.

I went back this morning and he took my $50, so now I have two sewing machines!  Yay for two, because MORE is always BETTER, right?  I don’t even know if this machine works, haven’t even plugged it in.  I basically just want to pop it out of the table and put my sewing machine in the table, after I give it all a good cleaning.  And the drawers of the table are filled with sewing stuff… I don’t know what half of it is, but it’s all very sewy and crafty and vintage.

I looked up the machine on the Singer web site and according to the serial number it was manufactured in 1969.  Is that an antique?  I hope not because I was made in 1966 and hopefully am not an antique yet.

I also purchased this weekend a groovy sewing bag and fabric to make a case to put sewing stuff in for inside of the bag because the sewing bag really isn’t a sewing bag, just a tote bag, and doesn’t have lots of cool pockets inside for scissors and tape measures and things like that. 

So my sewing adventure total to date, not counting the original sewing machine since I bought that years ago: Class $40; Class supplies $36; New sewing bag $30; Supplies to make an accessories case, $18; Second sewing machine and table $50.  I am not even going to add this up.

Sewing Class is Fun, Yay!

May 23rd, 2008

bag2.JPGbag1.JPGI had my first sewing class yesterday and it was fun!  I can sew!  The class is “beginner basics” and we’re making a tote bag from a Simplicity “Sewing for Dummies” pattern.  There are only two people in the class.  The other person is an older lady (older than me, that is) and when the teacher asked us each about our sewing experience, I was quite distressed when she said, “Oh, I’ve sewn for 30 years.  I even made my own wedding dress.”  Uh, hello? BEGINNER BASICS here.  I immediately felt like a dummy.

The reason she was in the class was because she got a new sewing machine and didn’t know how to use it and needed to relearn on her new machine.  I’m sorry, but the class description says that you need to know how to use your machine before class starts!  I even called to say I’m a really beginner beginner and don’t know how to thread my machine.  They asked what brand it was and when I said Singer they said it would be OK for me to come to the class anyway because they are a Viking distributor and I guess Viking bought Singer and so they’d be able to help me out.  Of course, this lady’s machine was a Brother and no one in the store had a clue how to operate it.

ANYWAY… the teacher had to go get a sewing machine tech to help this lady figure out her machine, and that basically freed the teacher up to give me pretty much a private sewing lesson which, yay, was really great.  I thought a tote bag would be a pretty simple deal and was kind of disappointed that the first class started with something so basic.  I mean, I’m a beginner, but I am ambitious.

Turns out, it’s actually a great pattern to learn with.  The tote bag has an interfacing and also a lining and corners and a flat bottom.  It’s exactly the size and shape of a brown paper grocery sack and really cute. 

I cut out the pattern, cut out the fabric, cut out the interfacing, cut out the lining, basted the interfacing to the fabric, marked the fabric and sewed the bag together.  Homework is to assemble the lining.  Next class we’ll put in the lining, cover the belting for the straps with fabric and attach the straps and, voila, bag done!

Attached are photos of the bag thus far.  I love sewing!  I want to sew many wonderful and fabulous things!  Yay for sewing!