light-bulb.jpgEither my scale is retarded, or I am losing weight rapidly (for me, that is).

 Here’s a recap

8/2 – 148.8 (prevacation)

8/6 – 150.0 (postvacation)

8/7 – 147.8 (1 day back on plan)

8/8/146.4 (2 days back on plan)

Now, I’d love for 146.4 to be accurate, but it doesn’t exactly seem right.  Unless… unlesss…  I may be on to something here… is it possible that my NOT eating shit foods, eating HEALTHY foods in moderate portions, and EXERCISING might be resulting in a loss of weight?  Or is that just crazy talk? 

I’m going to do an experiment, call me foolish, but I’m going to continue to NOT eat SHIT foods, eat HEALTHY and EXERCISE between now and my next official weigh in (Wednesday) and see what happens. 

If this foolhardy “diet and exercise” thing actually works, I may have found the cure for obesity!  Why has no one told me of this before?

One More Thought

July 24th, 2008

I am thinking about breaking up with Jenny Craig.  We really don’t have that much in common anymore and aren’t spending as much time together as we used to.  I’m not sure if it’s best to have “the talk” or just stop calling.  Maybe make her a mixed tape?  Breaking up is hard to do, but moving on is a good thing.

papa.jpgMajor milestone for me today… maybe.  Or it could just be a sweets hangover.  I went to lunch with friends for a birthday luncheon at a Portland restaurant that is really known for its fabu desserts.  Huge dessert menu filled with lucious treats that you cannot get anywhere else.  And guess what?  I didn’t order dessert.  I am the only one at the table who did not get a dessert.  I didn’t even get a meal, really.  I had two slices of really yummy french bread and a cup of french onion soup for lunch.  That’s it.  And iced tea, unsweetened.

Either I have reached a new level of maturity where I am able to say no to desserts, or my little treat binge yesterday has had unforeseen side effects.  Either way, it felt good to walk out of the restaurant NOT feeling like a stuffed pig.

Cholesterol Schmolesterol

May 19th, 2008

cholesterol.jpgI had a physical today and everything was peachy keen except for my cholesterol.  For the first time in my life, my cholesterol is high.  Hello?  Where is the justice in that?  I am eating healthier than I ever have and exercising significantly more than my baseline (which was ZERO).  And now my cholesterol is high?  WTF?

Doctor recommended medication because I am already on a low fat diet and exercising, so she was not optimistic that diet and exercise would make a difference.  That and the fact that I have a strong genetic predisposition for high cholesterol.  My fit and not fat brother is 400.  My fit and skinny zero body fat sister who is a friggin’ vegetarian is 270.  So for me to come in at 225, the doc felt was pretty much a clear indication to get on meds.

I said no to the meds and opted to try something “natural” and went to GNC and they suggested Cholest-off by Nature Made.  I have to go back to the doctor in eight weeks and have another reading, and if it is still high I’ll go on the meds.

I am so bummed about this!  The good news is, my “good” cholesterol is in good shape, so no need for intervention there.  Just lowering the bad.  And my blood sugar was good, which I was relieved about, because I have a strong family history of diabetes.  So now I’m off to search the ‘net for remedies to high cholesterol.

food.jpgI had a weird experience at the mall tonight.  I took DD20 to fill out job apps.  While she was doing her thing, I took DD9 and the baby to the food court, figured I’d feed DD9 dinner while we had the down time.  She got a kid’s meal from Panda Express.  She doesn’t drink soda, so I had a kid-sized diet coke and she had water. 

So I am perusing the food court, trying to figure out what I want for dinner.  Chinese?  Japanese?  Italian?  Mickey D’s?  Mongolian Grill?  Orange Juilius?  Mexican?  Lots of choices, and all things that I like.  But nothing appealed to me.  Nothing.  Not a milk shake, not fries, not a sandwich or a taco.  N A D A.  My brain kept asking “what’s for dinner” and my body kept responding “I’m not hungry.”

And here is where it gets scary… I was not hungry, therefore I did not eat.  What a concept!  If only I had figured this out 20+ years ago I wouldn’t be where I am weight-wise today.  But somehow in the food court tonight I made the connection… if you’re not hungry, don’t eat.  I think I finally get it.

Of course, maybe I’m just coming down with something and the low appetite is a symptom of some nasty bug that will hit me tomorrow.  (Have I ever mentioned that I’m a glass half empty kind of gal?  Not only is the glass half empty, but the half a glass of stuff that’s left is probably flat and full of backwash.  But, hey, that’s just me.) 

bend.jpgDH and I went on a little road trips, sans children, which was a joy.  We went to Bend, Oregon to do some hiking.  My brother in law, who lives in Bend, went on the hike with us, and he says we went five miles in and five miles out.  I know he’s overestimating because I know my pace (based on all of my treadmill time lately), and I walk comfortably at 3.0-3.3 mph, anything faster than that, I’d know it.  And we were hiking at a leisurely pace for over an hour and a half (maybe 1 hr 45 min) in and then back out again.  So with photo taking breaks and water breaks (but no break longer than 2-3 minutes) I don’t think I went further than 3 miles in then the 3 miles back out.  So, that was my exercise for the weekend.

The real accomplishment of the weekend is that I managed to keep to a decent food plan, no big splurges but no big sacrifices either.  I had what I wanted to have, didn’t overdo it, and had a great time.  I haven’t gotten on a scale, but I am confident that I didn’t gain an ounce all weekend and I loved having this glimpse into what “maintenance” eating can look like.  Of course, I’m not finished losing weight yet, so I am getting back on my weight loss plan starting tonight, but I love knowing that getting off of my diet in the future doesn’t have to equate to gaining back weight.

So it’s home sweet home and time for a hike up Mt. Laundry for me : O)  I will post a few hike photos of the Oregon High Desert when I unpack my camera.  This one is where we were, but not one that I took

Not the brightest move…

April 22nd, 2008

spud.jpgSuper duper loaded baked potato for dinner … the night before a weigh in.  Why do I do this to myself?

On a brighter note, I had an acquaintance at my daughter’s school comment to me on “how much weight” I’ve lost.  I don’t feel like I look any different today than I did a month ago, and no one seemed to notice my loss then.  I feel very stuck… I guess this is a plateau?  I’m either holding or losing very slowly the last few weeks.  I definitely feel like I’m in a rut, loss of motivation to track what I eat, more bad habit munching on shit just because it’s there etc.  I need to find some new catalyst to get myself back on track, but I’m not sure what. 

It feels good to be home and getting back into my routine after a week away.  I came home last night and had a weigh-in this morning (how’s that for timing) and am up .4 of a pound.  In my mind, anything less than half a pound in either direction is a “hold”, so I maintained my weight while on vacation and totally off of my Jenny Craig plan, and I’m happy about that.  I was expecting a gain.  I did well food-wise while visiting my sister in Little Rock, but once we got to New Orleans it was a no holds barred food orgy and I loved every minute of it.  Thank God we were only there for two days and apparently no damage was done. 

 Now that I’m home, my goal is to lose 2 lb this week and get back into my exercise routine, which I did this morning (see my Couch to 5k progress page).


Breakfast: JC french toast and berries

Snack: jC Peanut butter bar and bottle of water



Exercise: Couch to 5k week 4… 2.5 miles on the treadmill

chips.jpgSo I managed to avoid binging last night, but the pity party did continue on.  For some reason when I get like that it makes me feel better to be mean to my DH for no good reason.  I don’t even want to begin to explore the psychology behind that, I know it is f*ed up, but after 10 years he’s somewhat used to it and just looks at me with that “are you done yet” look and doesn’t really give a shit.  I don’t want to explore the psychology behind that either.

Anyway, no binge last night, just a lot of pouting, but then today I did definitely go “off program” with a trip to Chevy’s Mexican Restaurant.  I definitely could have done worse food wise, but I could have done better, too.  I can live with what I ate without any bad feelings, so that’s saying something.  I’d probably feel differently if I owned a scale and could actually see the immediate results of the meal, so one more reason to not buy a scale.

The big school/church auction/dinner/dance is Saturday and I guess I am wearing the new red dress that I bought, but I’m not really happy with it.  I’m going to try it again tomorrow with Spanx on and see if that helps.  I’ll post a picture, for better or worse.  On the bright side, everyone I know is wearing black, so at least I’ll be the “fat lady in the red dress” as opposed to “just another fat lady in a black dress.”

Thanks for the supportive comments re: my pity party.  There is comfort in knowing I’m not the only one who has ever felt this way.

Breakfast: “weight control” quaker oats oatmeal, a banana, a bottle of water

Lunch: JC chicken sandwich, JC bruschetta chips, sliced cucumber, a bottle of water and a can of DC

Snack: Baked chicken and rice (1/2 of a gigantic breast), broccoli w/cheese sauce (low fat).

Exercise: 15 minutes of cardio, 5 minutes sustained core exercises. also took stairs two flights up and two flights