July 31st, 2008

shopping-bags.jpgI went shopping to pick up some shorts for my mini-vacay (click here to read all about it!) and bought three pairs of size 14 shorts and four pairs of size 14 pants.  Yeah, baby, you read that right, 14.  I started my journey when my 18s were getting too tight.  No lie.  I was able to squeeze into a 14 a while back, but it was a fluke because the one 14 that fit me was the ONLY one.  My last shopping trip was to pick up new pants for work when my 18s were way too baggy and I could fit into 14s, but they felt snug, so I bought 16s.  Now the 16s are way too baggy and the 14s are just right!  And not just one fluke pair but all of them.

And here’s the best part (wait for it) (wait for it) (wait for it)… I tried on a pair of size 12 shorts that actually fit!  They fit but were a little too pully across the lower belly.  But they fit perfectly, though, in the waist and actually the 14s are loose in the waist, but good across the hips and belly.  I think I’ll always have that problem because this stuffed-kangaroo-pouch of a belly ain’t going nowhere that I can tell.  Just getting a little less stuffed and more free-swinging flabby.  Quite gross.  TMI, I know.

You might be wondering how I can find time to post on my blogs when I have so much work to do that I can’t workout today?  Hmmmm, good question.  Only answer I can come up with is that’s just the way I roll. 

Time for dinner, then more proofreading, then maybe a bike ride with DD9 to at least burn a calorie or two.  Good news is, I have not eaten anything junky all day today.  Not a chip, cookie or candy, not a one.  Hey wait, I stopped eating crap and now I can fit in a 14…. there might be some connection there?  Maybe?

smiley.jpgI threw on a sun dress to go to dinner with DH tonight.  It’s a size L slip-style dress, nothing fancy, bought at Target two summers ago and never before worn.  I bought it without trying it on because it looked loose and roomy, and when I got it home it was too tight and looked horrible and made me sad, so I threw it in the back of the closet and it’s been there literally since 2006.


I found it recently, and put it on, and it fit, and it’s kind of cute even.  Nothing fancy, nothing skimpy, just light and summery and normal, just a normal little dress that looks cute.  Go figure.


Anyway …. I threw it on and went to dinner and it got me thinking about the hours, literally hours, that I have spent inside of my walk in closet putting things on and taking them off.  Trying to make sure that shirts were long enough to cover my protruding stomach when I had on certain pants.  Eventually, it was all of my pants, and none of the shirts did the trick.


Tonight I grabbed the dress, pulled it over my head, put on sandals and left.  It felt so good.  It got me thinking about a few of the other things I’ve done lately that I could not do before my weight loss.  And don’t get me wrong, I am not done by any means, but maybe putting this in writing will keep me from polishing off any more canisters of doritos or boxes of snowcaps, because I feel good and I want to keep going and I don’t want to slip back to where I was.


So… a few things I can do now that I couldn’t do 30 pounds ago…


Get dressed quickly, not having to deliberate ad nauseum every outfit.  I can literally “throw something on” and feel OK about it.


Go out without makeup.  Don’t ask me why this is fat related, but it is.


Try out bicycles at the store, and not feel like people will point and stare.


Walk into Jenny Craig every week and not feel self-conscious, looking around, wondering if every passerby is thinking “It’s about time you got your fat ass in there.”


Go for a jog, in public.


Take my daughter to the public pool, in a swimsuit.


Wear shorts, in public.


Sleep in a tank top and underwear (though they are boy short-style).


Order dessert at a restaurant and eat it and not care if people see me eating dessert.


Hop on the gym scale and not try to discretely hide the numbers from anyone that might pass by.

My new watch

June 21st, 2008

watch.jpgI’ve decided to do more running outside and less inside on the treadmill given that the weather has had such a nice turn for the better around here.  But I like keeping track of all of my OCD stats on the treadmill.  I was considering one of those handy dandy personal GPS units for tracking miles, but since I discovered, it seemed kind of unnecessary.  But I did invest $30 yesterday in a sports watch that has a timer, so today I was able to accurately time my run.  Kind of fun, and I wanted to post a picture because my new watch is pink and purty : )

Packing up my fat pants

June 16th, 2008

fat-pants.jpgI made it to the bottom of my bottomless laundry pit today and found three pairs of “fat pants” that have been in the pile for weeks.  The way my laundry system works is, I let the pile grow and grow, then dig out the things that I like to wear and want to wear and wash them, while the things that I am not in such desperate need for stay in the pile.  So these three pair of work pants were really baggy on my several weeks ago, and I bought five new pair of work pants a few weeks ago, and these have worked their way to the bottom of the pile.

I am taking them to Goodwill tomorrow.  I was going to wait until I had a chance to really clean out my closet and get rid of a lot of things, but honestly I’m not that organized and it never seems to be the right time for a big closet cleaning, so I am trying a new approach and pledging to take small bags of things to Goodwill on a regular basis vs. waiting to have a big motherlode to drop off.

But besides the dread of closet cleaning, I also have just felt really reluctant to get rid of my too big clothes.  What if I gain weight?  What if I gain back A LOT of weight?  What if my new smaller pants get too tight and I neeeeeeed my fat pants? 

So it feels like kind of a milestone step to get rid of them, and it feels kind of good and kind of scary all at the same time.  Like this is a real commitment to staying healthy and slimmer and if gain back weight and I don’t have any pants to wear I’ll have to go around in my underwear as my penance for giving up on my healthy lifestyle.

I am saving one pair of jeans for the obligatory before/after photo that I hope to someday take : )

pedi.JPG“Rich Girl Red” pedicure and strappy new sandals.  Life is good.


May 23rd, 2008

tucked.JPGThis web site is the only place that I could think to post this where anyone would actually understand.  I wore my shirt tucked this week for the first time in, um, 10 years.  Happy Dance! OMG, I just looked at the larger image and you can see how totally gross my mirror is.  That’s what happen when you have a 9-year-old “cleaning” for you.  Looks like she wiped it down with a spit-dampened cloth.

Do you sew?

May 14th, 2008

sewing.jpgA couple of weekends ago I was super bored and started watching a Project Runway marathon.  I had never seen Project Runway before, but within two episodes I KNEW that it was in my future that I must sew something fabulous.  Except I don’t know how to sew.  But come on, this guy who didn’t seem all that smart whipped up a tailored men’s suit in, like, two days, so surely I can make myself a skirt, right? 

So I signed up for a sewing class today.  It’s beginner’s sewing, two sessions, and the project is a tote bag.  I bought my supplies today and they include a yellow-enveloped SEWING FOR DUMMIES tote bag pattern.  Right up my alley.  Between the class registration and the supplies, this tote bag will cost me $76.00.  Not really much of a bargain.

I got out my virgin sewing machine that I bought on Craigslist about three years ago and found the instruction booklet for it.  The manual is copyrighted 1979 and the machine appears to be made out of cast iron and weighs about 30 pounds. 

I’m thinking I might need a new sewing machine, so if there are any crafty sewers out there with advice, please post it!

Wish me luck. 

headband.jpgEvery time I do my run on the treadmill at the gym, I have sweat pouring down my face and into my eyes.  Okay.  Eww.  And besides being eww, it’s also stingy.  How do I fix this without looking like I’m geared up to do a Jane Fonda work out album (yes, album, I actually had the Jane Fonda workout record album with follow along album sleeve.)  Ideas?

The dress

February 3rd, 2008

red-dress.JPGHere is the dress that I ended up wearing.  It is a lovely dress.  Hopefully by the time I have another “nice” event to wear it to, I’ll need to have it taken in a size or two!!

Adventures in Bra Shopping

January 30th, 2008

dress.jpgI almost forgot!  I bought another dress and I don’t hate this one.  Yay!  I’ll start at the beginning. 

I went to Nordstrom’s to buy a bra.  I have never been measured for a bra before and I needed a bra to wear under the horrible red dress… and also because I have been watching that LOOK GOOD NAKED show and they always start with a really groovy bra.

So I go to lingerie and browse the bras.  A salesgirl comes over and offers to help.  I tell her I am looking for a bra to go with a dress, describe the cut of the dress and how my matronly bra shows in the center.  She says, have you been fitted for a bra before, I say no, and she says well, let’s do that.  Now, I am assuming that at this point she will lead me to a fitting room where I’ll be met by a 60-something year old grandmotherly type with a tape measure.  BUT NO.  When we get to the fitting room, the salesgirl, who is about 19 years old and a perfect size 2 with perfect boobs and cute hair, whips out a tape measure and says, okay, take off your top.  I was not a happy camper.

So I take my top off and she measures around the rib cage and goes out and gets bras.  She comes back with these GIGANTIC bras, the likes of which I have never seen.  The bra I was wearing today was a 40B.  My boobs are not big cup wise, but I’m big around.  The bras she brought me were a 36DDD and a 36G!!!  I didn’t even know bras went up to G, and I am NOT a 36.

So now I have to take off my bra, which she unhooks for me, and put on one of the test bras.  She hooks it and it is SNUG and I comment on the fact that it is SNUG and she says, yes, that’s how it is supposed to fit.  Okay.  The underwire is way, way down on my ribs.  I comment on the fact that the underwire is way, way down on my ribs and she says, yes, that’s where it’s supposed to be.  Apparently I do not know how to wear a damned bra.

I have to say, the bra felt weird.  But it looked kind of good.  And here’s the most amazing part… my rolls of back bulge were gone!  I don’t know how it works, but apparently all of your back and side fat can get forced into the cup of the bra if the cup is large enough!  Who knew?  I put my shirt back on over the bra and it looked really good, so I bought it.  A freaking 36DDD when I went in wearing a 40B.  Go figure.

So I leave Nordstrom’s with my $68 bra and a pair of $45 Striderite shoes for grandbaby and decide to cruise thru Penny’s because Princess needs a navy blue sweater for school.  I figure while I’m there, I’ll browse the cocktail dresses.  Wow, they’re all on sale.  I found a really cute one but it only went up to size 12.  Drats.  Oh well, I’ve already bought two freaking dresses for this stupid auction/dinner/dance already, so just as well. 

On my way out, I browsed through a really messy, jumbled sale rack and, lo and behold, the cute dress that I saw before is there, and in a size 16.  Wow.  $90 marked down to $45.  Double Wow.  I took it to the fitting room and, miracle of all miracles, it’s cute!  A little big in the shoulders but with about 1/2 an inch taken up in the straps it’s really, really cute.  Rouched waist, so even sitting down it’s still cute… and kind of a poofy skirt so it looks like the skirt is poofy and hides the fact that it’s actually me who is poofy under the skirt.

I decide to buy the dress, get to the register and it’s on sale even further than the markdown price … I paid $23 for it.  It was a miracle, a sign from God, that this is the dress for me.  A friend borrowed my camera yesterday, but when I get the camera back, I’ll post a photo.  In the meantime, the photo posted here is of the dress, but not me in it, and sure as hell not a size 16… but it’s the dress.

Now I need to decide what color shoes and yay or nay on fishnets.  For some reason, I really want to wear fishnets.