January 20th, 2008

art.JPGI am me.  I’m not a writer, not a blogger, and generally not all that creative.  I am turning 42 this year.  I have four kids: a daughter age 20, son age 19, stepdaughter age 14, daughter age 9 and a grandaughter age 6months.  I have a great hubby of 10 years and two retarded cats.

I am 5’1″ and weigh 163 pounds.  My current goal is to get down to 150 lb.  When I get there, I’ll reevaluate and set my next goal, because I know 150 is still too big for my height.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, where everybody is disgustingly fit and outdoorsy.  I grew up in New Orleans, where everyone is comfortably slobby and slothlike and loves to drink.  I am a New Orleans girl at heart, but I want to fit in with the hip active lifestyle of my new home.

I live in a 1920’s home with DH, cats, 9 year old DD (Princess), 20 year old (Lil Momma) and 6month old (Baby Girl).  My 14yro SD (Diva) is here on weekends.  19yro DS lives on is own in an apartment over a Chinese restaurant with two other boys.  He’s as happy as a pig in slop, and that analogy is scarily close to reality.

So, that’s me.

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  1. pixiegirl Says:

    I love your blog title and I actually snorted out loud when I read the part about the Pacific Northwest. I’m in the PNW as well and I feel like I’m not nearly outdoorsy enough to live here.

    RESPONSE: Isn’t it just enough to make you sick lol? One of my goals is to be able to use the kayaks I bought (in a moment of complete impulse purchase madness) and not worry about whether I will fit in the sucker or not (I do, but it’s not pretty… yet!)

  2. Ginger Says:

    Saw your blog title and was like, that so sounds like me lol. Thought I would stop by and say hi!


  3. iniya Says:

    Lovely description – specially the bit about your son. That’s too sweet.

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