5k to 5 miles

June 9th, 2008

I have pretty much abandoned this page, but I have not abandoned running.  If you want to see my progress, check the Exercise portion of my daily food log.  That’s where I’ve been logging my running time.  As of today, 9/9/08, I’m still running an “easy 3” and an “okay 4” but struggling with 5, and have not pushed past 5 miles to try to make it to 10k yet.
I think I had my best 5k time on the treadmill tonight.  I’m pretty excited.
I am such a fickle runner.  What works one day doesn’t work the next.  What is fun one run, sucks next time I try it.  I go round and round and round trying to motivate-slash-trick myself into running without quitting, trying to go further.
Last time I ran, I decided I needed to create a new playlist because I was sooooo bored with the one I was using.  You know, the one I invested WAY too much time in designing with all of my perfectly timed songs for speed intervals.  Well, I am too lazy to have actually created another playlist, so I went to the gym and used the same one, again, and ta da, it worked perfectly.
I ran 1 mile (my first three songs) at 5 mph.  Then I did my intervals, three minutes each, using 5 mph as my “baseline” and going +3 and -3 from there.  So, three minutes at 5.3, then three minutes at 4.7, three minutes at 5.3, three minutes at 4.7 and then again.  Three was my lucky number tonight, because I did that six minute set three times and was at about 2.5 miles into my run!  Finished my run at 5.0 mph for the last half mile, then kicked it up to 5.3 again for a few minutes to hit the 3.1 mark.
Run stats: 3.11 miles in 37 minutes 14 seconds, average speed 4.9 miles per hour.

DAY 29 8/12

Ran 5k… 39 minutes 14 secs, 4.7 mph average pace


DAY 28 8/9



DAY 278/6

Ran 4 miles, 50 minutes


DAY 26 8/4




Ran 4.7 miles on the treadmill.  Total time was 1 hour.  Ran the first mile at 4.6-4.7 mph.  After hitting the one mile mark, kicked it up to 5.0 and stayed there for 15 minutes!  Those intervals paid off!  After that, I was at 2.25, dropped it back to fluctuate between the 4.5 – 4.8 range in five minute spurts and finished the 5k in 38 minutes 45 seconds.  Then ran another 4.6 miles at a jog rate fluctuating between mostly 4.5 – 4.8 with a few 5.0 spurts x three – five minutes thrown in. 

LAST THREE RUNS (DAY 22-24) 7/26, 7/27 and 7/28 

7/26 — ran 3.1 miles while camping, very hilly and I did have to walk on the uphill portions.  Clocked it with the car so I know it was 3.1 miles

7/27 — camping run again, not sure of the mileage, but 50+ minutes, so it should be at least 3.5 miles

7/28 — treadmill domination — 4.72 miles in an hour. 

TRAINING DAY 21 (7/22)

Stats: 4.56 miles, 56.00 minutes, 4.8 mph average speed.  My lowest speed was 4.5 mph.

Ran 30 minutes at 4.7 mph, a nice pace for me.  Then I did five-minute intervals of three minute sprints/two minute jogs.  (Sprint being a relative term, because sprint for me is anything over 5.0 mph.)  So my interval sets were five minutes long, and I did four sets of those.  That took me to 50 minutes on the TM.  At about 54 minutes on the TM I started to feel really tired, and gave myself a big ATTA GIRL for making it 4.5 miles and gave myself permission to quit even though I wanted to run for an hour and was oh so close to the hour mark.  (Notice that this conversation with myself took two whole minutes before I actually stopped running.  My propensity for internal dialouge is out of control.) 

TRAINING DAY 20 (7/20)

Ran for 52 minutes 03 seconds (thanks, cool timer watch!), 3.63 miles.  Also walked to warmup/cool down, about 1/4 mile each, so a little over four miles total for the journey.  I need to start making a concentrated effort to increase my distance if I want to EVER meet my five mile goal.  Either that, or be happy with three miles and the occasional four mile and call it good.  But I’ve had 20 “training days” and haven’t really done anything at all to alter my routine to try to increase my distance, just thought about and talked about it, but no action.

TRAINING DAY 19 (7/16)

Got in a nice 3 mile run.  It was a perfect morning for it, nice and cool out!  I started at my house, ran downtown and back up through the neighborhood… something I never liked to do before because I didn’t want anyone that I know to see me out running.  Now I guess I don’t really care who sees me, and I don’t know if that is a product of I feel better about my running or I’m putting less stock in what other people think, or both.

Anyway, I had things to do, so I gave myself a 40-minute window and got in three miles before my time ran out.  I’d like to think that I can run 3 miles in 38 minutes, so I am going to give an allowance for the fact that while I was downtown I did hit several intersections where I had to stop and wait for traffic and crosswalk signals. 

I skipped two days between runs and find that I much prefer running every other day with such a long break, so I think that’s going to be my new goal… to get out there at least every other day.  And to continue supplementing the running with biking and swimming.  But I’d also like to refocus on running and building up to a comfortable five miles.  That’s still my goal even though I have made zero progress towards it.

Hope you guys are doing well! 

TRAINING DAY 18 (7/13)

Took DD9 and a friend to the pool and hit the tready while they swam, but could not find my groove.  I ran one mile at 4.7 mph, finished in 12 minutes 50 seconds.  I was pumped about that.  But it was way too hot and stuffy in the gym, I was over dressed and got too hot and sweaty too soon, and the friend DD9 brought to the pool is, shall we say, less independent than DD9, so I was a little paranoid about not being where I could monitor the girls more closely.  So I did a second mile, alternating between 4.7 and 5.5 mph, then walked a half mile and at 40 minutes called it good and went to the pool.

I did swim the length of the pool 10 times, and man did that feel good but my arms were aching by the time I finished! 

Plus, we had ridden our bikes to the pool, and after the swimming we road another mile out to the park, kids played in the fountain and then we rode home.  Or most of the way home.  About six blocks from home DD9 started having bike issues (fabricated, I think) and we all had to get off and push our bikes home to accomodate her.  And she was hot.  And her helmet was weird.  And her shorts were too baggy.  And her feet hurt.  You get the picture.

So, running wise, not stellar, but exercise wise I did okay.  I can live with that. 

TRAINING DAY 17 (7/11)

Hit the treadmill and used my fab running playlist.  It goes a little something like this…..

Songs 1-3: Beautiful Day (u2), Stuck in a Moment (u2) and Elevation (u2) … jogged at 4.6 mph, 1 mile

Song 4: An American Girl (Tom Petty)… run at 5.0 mph

Song 5: Wrong Way (Sublime)… recovery at 4.5 mph

Song 6: Fight for Your Right (Beastie Boys)… run at 5.3 mph

Song 7: Don’t Panic (ColdPlay)… recovery at 4.7 mph

Song 8: All Because of You (u2)… run at 5.5 mph… the end of these intervals puts me at 2.25 miles run

Song 9: What Goes Around (JT)… trog it down from 5.5 to 5.3, 5.1 and 4.9 mph

Song 10: Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own (u2)… jog at 4.7 mph from here on out

Song 11: Sexy Back (JT)… I hit the 5k mark during this song and keep on going!

Song 12: Walk on (u2)… take it down to a 4.5 mph job

Song 13: Love Stoned (JT)… trog at 4.3 mph and, voila!, I’m done. 

This playlist takes me about an hour to get through at puts me at 4.25 mph total run.  Life is good.


Did a two mile jog around the neighborhood.  Only had half an hour before it was time to get ready for work, so I guess it’s a good thing to take what I can get as opposed to just sleep the half hour, right?  That was in the morning, then at 8 pm I went to the pool and did deep water cardio class. 


I feel like I’m actually on track to meet my 5k to 5 mile challenge, which is a good feeling, because for a while I was really feeling like I could not ever conceivably run 5 miles. 

Today my total route was 5.33 miles.  I walked the first .3 of a mile, ran 4.2 (!!) miles, then walked the final almost mile.  My running time was 57 minutes 25 seconds, which to my third-grade math ability works out to about  13-1/2 minutes per mile, and a running pace of about 4.4 miles per hour.  I can live with that.  And, please, if my math is wrong and not in my favor, don’t correct me! haha

Today is my only work from home day this week, and I have plenty of work to do.  Then I have to work Tuesday out of town (1 hour each way), Wednesday and Friday local, Thursday out of town (2 hours each way).  So a long and busy week.  I promised DD9 we’d go for a long bike ride today, so we are going to bike to the library, about 2 miles away. 

Hope you guys are getting your week off to a good start as well!  The week after 4th of July always feels like we’re really “into summer” now, even though the weather here is in the 70s.

Training Day 14 (7/4)

I mapped out a five-mile course from home with the plan of walking 1/4 mile, running 4 miles, walking back 3/4 of a mile.

I started out with the walk, and walked a few blocks longer than I intended, which threw my numbers off disappointingly because I got home all jazzed that I had run four miles, woot woot, and turns out my run was 3.7.  Oh well, I’ll take it.

I think I actually may have stuck my baby toe into the pool known by runners as “the zone.”  Maybe.  I’m not sure.  But when I got to my 4 mile landmark and it was time to start walking home, I knew that I could just keep on running.  No problem.  So I did run another two blocks, but then decided not to overdo it even though I felt good (still having that little naggy  hip thing every now and then, though it feels fine right now, it’s the “then” I’m worried about.)  But when I got to that point where I kind of WANTED to keep on running, I thought, hey, maybe this is it.  Maybe this is what all that running hype is about.

I’ve got a bike ride planned with DD9 this evening.  Big plan was to ride our bikes down to Fort Vancouver, about a mile from our house, and camp out to watch the huge fireworks display that is done down there.  But now I am having second thoughts about having her out on her bike after dark, which, duh, fireworks are after dark, which means riding the bikes home in the dark.  I’m still playing it by ear.

Happy 4th of July : )

Training Day 13 (7/1)

Had a nice outdoor run.  60-degrees, sunshine, nice breeze.  I went 3.53 miles.  Total time was 50 minutes.  Timing is not exact because I forgot my watch, so that’s the time I turned off the car and the time I restarted the car.  So maybe 48-49 minutes of actual running time, give or take.

Nothing much to report.  Deviated from my 3.1 route just because it was nice out and my body felt good, so that’s where I got the extra kick.  I think I’ll map out a four mile route and see how that goes.  I also want to go to the gym and run on the treadmill this week, just to get a feel for my speed again.  It’s hard to tell how fast I am going when I’m outside, but it feels slow.  I probably need to kick it up a notch, but I’m enjoying the comfortable slow jogging rhythm and the feeling of “Hey, look at me, I’m running… and I’m not dying!” so I might just keep it easy for a while. 

I was thinking about doing the six mile thing that I posted about, but it starts out with doing less than three mile runs.  That feels like regression to me, so I want to try to find something that starts with three miles and works its way up from there.  I have thought about doing my three mile run to my own music, and then when that is finished, doing the C25k starting at the very beginning, adding on the extra running/walking time at the end of my 5k.  Does that make sense?

Working from home today, but a lot of work to do, so I’d better shower and get on with it! 

BACK ON TRACK Training Day 12 (6/30) 

Did the virtual 5k today … http://3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/tiny2b/2008/06/30/my-virtual-5k-plus-some/


I didn’t get in any good runs, so I stopped writing, but I did get in a little bit, so I’ll throw it in here.  6/27, ran 1.3 miles and walked 1 mile.  6/29, walked three miles.  Also got in upper body one day in the interim.

TRAINING DAY 11 (6/25)

Ran 3 miles outside, time was 38 minutes 25 seconds.  I finished my first mile in 12 minutes which made me happy, then did a bit of trogging and kicked it up a tiny bit in the last mile.  My left leg is still bothering me, through the quad and into the hip and maybe even a little bit into the groin.  Also slept weird I guess because my neck has been stiff all day.  Forgot my iPod so the run was totally boring.  I had my visor on, but went late in the day, after 7 pm, and the visor doesn’t really help when the sun is setting and is coming straight at you instead of down on you, so the whole mile and a half back to the car was with bright sunshine right in my face.  I’m in a whiny mood, so I should just shut up now.  Bye! Oh, but I did get my $200 refund on the day camp for DD9 and rolled it over into a three-month gym pass, so that’s a good note to end my day on!

TRAINING DAY 10 (6/23)

Set out to run 3.1 miles on the treadmill at the gym, which is at the community center.  So when I got there, I had to go to the registration office and get a refund for a $200 camp that DD9 was supposed to start today, but she can’t go because her friend that she was going with decided not to go and there goes my car pool and, hello, I do work.  The other kid’s mom got her money back so I went in to get my money back, and they said no, no refunds.  WTF?  If it were $40, I’d let it go, but $200 I’m not letting go.  I need the credit back to use for gym membership and DD15’s tennis camp.  So I have a call in to a supervisor now, waiting to hear back.

So I was pissed and refused to go to the gym, but I was all dressed for running, so I went down to the river to run my 5k path that I like.  But I didn’t have my iPod.  Well, I did, but I had it out of the case because it sits on the treadmill better that way.  So I didn’t have the arm band and I had no pockets, which means I’d have to run with it in my hand.  No thanks, since I was already running with my car keys in my hand.

So I set off for my run in a bad mood and with no music.  I ran 1.15 miles, then walked back .15 miles and ran the final 1 mile.  So 2.3 mile run with a tiny two block walk at the turn around point.  Not bad considering the mood I was in.  And I made a conscious decision to celebrate the fact that I got out there and did it when I really, really, really did not want to instead of beat myself up for the fact that it was only two miles.

So that’s my run for today, not much, but it’s all I got.  Plan to do upper body and abs later today, but if my mood doesn’t improve I probably will skip it.  I’m trying hard not to do that.  We’ll see.



Ran outside, 3.25 miles.  It felt really good.  I didn’t push and I never had to walk, which made me feel like I am getting “back in the game.”  Time was 41:27, which I was really happy with since I did push a little past the 3.1 mile marker.

I don’t wear a watch normally because I usually have my phone in my pocket, so I bought a Columbia brand athletic-y type watch that has a stop watch on it.  It was really nice to be able to time my outdoor run properly. 

Other than that, not much on the running front.  The owie in my left leg is still there somewhat, but it definitely feels like it’s just a muscle ache and not anything more sinister than that.  I am going to try to stick to an every other day running schedule for the next week and see how that works out.

Happy Saturday ; )


Went for a 3.1 mile run outside on my “usual” river front path.  It was a warm day, sunny, nice to be out.  I ran the whole thing with the exception of a two block walk.  My time was not great, 43 minutes +/-.  I did a lot of trogging along, but it felt good to be outside, to be moving and to just prove that I can do it even when I don’t want to do it.

Diet-wise I had a crap day complete with beer, nachos and onion rings at a lame comedy club show.  Today I don’t know if i am going to get any exercise.  I’ll try to do my upper body and crunches, but I don’t think I’ll be making it to the gym or outside.  I have extra kids here for an after-camp play date and DD9 is in another play tonight so I don’t think there’s going to be time.  Plus I am thinking that maybe I’ll shoot for an “every other day, more often than not” schedule for the summer.  We’ll see.

Happy weekend!

TRAINING DAY 7 (6/17) 

Went on a run and then a hike with DH.  Total was 4.75 miles.  I ran about two miles and then met DH.  The run went really well, probably because it was from my house down to the river and there is a really nice gradual downward slope.   If only all slopes were of the downward variety!  I actually would have kept running, but DH was still dressed from work etc. and so we decided to just take a long walk.  So we went almost three miles and then drove home.  Weather was gorgeous and it had the potential to be a nice evening out, but we got into a stupid fight about halfway through and walked the second half in silence.  He has apologized, but it doesn’t make it any less of a waste of a what could have been a nice night.  Oh well, at least I feel really good about the running that I did. 


Well, I definitely feel like I am starting all over again.  My stamina is completely gone.  I went to the gym this morning and barely did 5k on the treadmill.  Barely.  It was a chore, the entire time.  It never got easier, never eased up.  Yuck.

Stats: 40 minutes 23 seconds, 3.10 miles, average speed 4.5 mph

I did the first mile and a half at 4.7 mph and was getting really fatigued, so I decided to slow it down, but then decided to push it before I slowed down, so I pushed to 5.3 mph for one minute, then jogged about five minutes at 4.3 mph.  I alternated between 4.5 and 5.0 for the most part.  At about a half hour into the run I took it down to 3.3 for 1 minute to take a drink of water.

So, I’m not feeling real “runner-ish” right now.  Feeling kind of puny, actually.  I guess my four minute runs WERE a freak accident after all.  I find it incredible that just taking it easy for a few days can so completely knock my endurance down.  It’s crazy.

On a good note, I am feeling physically much better without taking the allergra.  My joint ache and fatigue are gone and I feel pretty much back to normal.  And I got all of the work that was piled up all completed and on time, so my stress level is way way down.  Maybe the running groove will come back to me.  Every day can’t be a homerun, I guess.

Running Goals for the week: TUES: Run 5k again on the treadmill.  Will be at the gym with DH, and he likes to stay for an hour, so I may try to push past 3.1 miles or I may take a nice long walk after I hit that point.  WED & THURS: 5k, outside, hoping it gets easier.  FRIDAY: take a break.


I really need to rethink this whole 5 mile goal because I can’t even seem to manage 5k anymore!  I’ve lost my running mojo.  Part of it I am attributing to my allergies.  They are full blown right now and every time I step outide my eyes are watering like crazy.  Like it literally looks like I am just walking around crying big time.  Not pretty and not comfortable.

Decided to do my outdoor 5k route that I have had success with in the past, but I just was not feeling the love.  Morning got off to a bad start, waking up to find cat pee on the bathroom floor and cat poop on the new shag rug and garbage overflowing in the kitchen when my last words to DS were don’t forget to take out the trash.  Planned to head out at 7:45, be on the path by 8 and home by 9, but by the time I dealt with the cat issues, it was 8:30 already.

Hit the trail at 8:36, Ran for 1.15 miles, then walked for .45 of a mile, finished with a run of 1.08 miles  at 9:12.  I collected by stats by (1) checking the time when I left and when I returned to the car (which I usually forget to do) and plugging my route into walkjogrun.net for each leg of the run.  So just over 2.5 miles in 36 minutes.  Not exactly stellar but better than the alternative, which was staying in bed all day.

I think my running time was actually pretty good, but that long walk that I took was at a very relaxed pace, which was actually kind of nice out in the cool breeze along the river.  But on the final jog back to the car, my “pace” song came on.  It’s U2, “Stuck in a moment.”  When I run to this on the treadmill it is like the only song that I am running in perfect time to the music and that is at my normal jog ob 4.7 mph.  When it came on in the final leg to the car, I had to slow down to be in time with the music, so I gather I was running faster than 4.7 mph, though I didn’t feel like I was pushing it all that much.

GOAL FOR MONDAY: Run 3.1 miles on the TM at gym


Ran two miles in my neighborhood, a little hilly.  Gorgeous day out, too bad I feel like crap and have a mountain of work to finish today.


After my rest day yesterday, I wanted to get back at it today, but life interfered.  Not enough time at the gym this morning and now that I have given blood I’m not really feeling like a run this evening.  I’ll get back on schedule tomorrow.

STATS:  2.37 miles, 30 minutes, average speed 4.7 miles on treadmill.  Jogged 24 minutes at 4.7 mph, did a 3 minute interval at 5.5 mph, then 1 minute at 5.0, 1 minute at 4.7 and 1 minute at 4.5


Well, it was not a fluke or statistical anomaly.  I ran four miles! In a row! Again! Without stopping! Or dying!  And conditions were not optimal either.  My legs were still feeling kind of jelly-licious from yesterday’s run, we didn’t go to the gym until 8-freaking-30 p.m., I did my upper body workout in the afternoon and was kind of tired from that, and my faux-pod was acting up.  But I did it… 4.0 miles in 51 minutes 23 seconds.  I didn’t get my treadmill stats, but by my calculations that works out to 12.8 minutes per mile, so that is 4.7 mph.  Is that right?

RE: my faux-pod, I spent HOURS, literally hours, making a playlist.  The actual making of the playlist was very simple, but the choosing and ordering of the songs caused me some serious OCD issues.  I selected songs, noted their length, then created this perfect playlist with songs of the appropriate length for running intervals/speed bursts and then shorter songs for cool down times in between.  It is a work of art, this playlist.  I kept my original first three songs that I have been using that get me to the one mile mark. 

So I get on the TM, get going, songs 1, 2, 3 play perfectly and I hit the one mile mark, I am ready for song No. 4, which is about 3 minutes long and I’m going to do a 5.5 mph interval…. and the pod goes into some kind of random play mode and plays a 7 minute song that I was saving for the cool down and my whole running plan completely fell to pieces!

So then I decided to just run 3.1 miles at 4.7 mph and call it a night, because I was tired anyway and had a long day at work, feet are hurting, etc.  So I ran two miles at 4.7, and then I was feeling a little burst of energy, so I decided to kick it up and try to have a record 5k time.  I kicked it up as high as 5.8 (for about two minutes) and then down as low as 4.5 and everywhere in between.  Finished the 5k in 38 minutes and 20-something seconds. 

By then, I was feeling better about the running, but still kind of tired, so I took it down to 4.5 and just jogged it on home to the 4 mile mark.  Then I walked half a mile to cool down.

I am tired and achey and do not want to be doing this at 8:30 p.m. again.  But because I am tired and achey, I am also not dying to get up and go to the gym tomorrow morning either, so I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow.  I may take a rest day, do a yoga DVD or something, then run Thurs and Friday mornings.  I am going to try a spin class Saturday morning.  And next Monday night I am scheduled to go with a friend to try a “cardio pole dance” class.  Don’t ask.  Weigh in tomorrow morning, wish me luck.

Good night!


Today I ran four miles.  I am going to say that again.  Today I ran four miles.  Six months ago I don’t think I could have walked four miles without a break.  I feel very strong right now, like there might actually be an athlete inside of me, buried under the fat, who could slowly emerge as the fat goes away.  I have never felt that way before, even when I was young and thin and actually dabbled in sports in high school.  It feels good.

My running goal for today was endurance, so I went in prepared to run for 45 minutes or 3.25 miles, whichever came first.  I jogged one mile at 4.7 mph, 13 minutes, then started my intervals.  Ran three minutes @ 5.5 mph, jog two minutes @ 4.6 mph, repeat three times, then I ran five minutes @ 5.0 mph, which put me at about 2.25 miles total run.  I decided to take a recovery break and jogged at 4.5 mph for about seven minutes, which put me at the 2.75 marker.  Then I ran at 5.0 for half a mile, six minutes, to hit the 3.25 marker, and was at under 40 minutes running time.  So I decided to go the full 45 minutes and then stop.  I dropped down to a comfortable trogging speed of 4.3 mph where I could really breathe deeply and relax.  When I hit the 45 minute mark, I was comfortable with my jog and closing in on four miles(!!) so I decided to push through to four miles.  Hit the four mile mark at 50 minutes, did a brisk walk of 3.3 mph for five minutes and a slow walk of 3.0 mph for five minutes.  Quit at exactly 60.00 minutes on the TM with a total distance of 4.53 miles and average speed of 4.5 mph.

I have a new interim training goal as well.  DH and I are going to run in a relay with another couple.  We need to run two miles each.  I’d like to be able to run my two miles at a respectable pace of 5.0 mph or better.  So I am going to going doing my three minute speed burst intervals of 5.5 mph, at least three of them per run, and run at least six minutes at 5.0 mph (1/2 mile), building that up to two miles at 5.0 mph.  I have until August!