Adios, chicas

May 12th, 2011

I have not been on this site in a month and I log on to 222 spam comments. Two hundred twenty-two in a month. Ridiculous. I think I am ready to say farewell to the 3fc blog.

I’ve been losing the Lose It app on my iphone to track food and exercise, making it kind of silly to come here and log it all over again. I know that Lose It has a way to share and connect with other users, so if anyone is using Lose It, email me and we can figure out how to sync up! My email is shanaob at msn dot com.

Quick update. On the diet and exercise front, I am HOLDING at my post detox weight of 155-157 lb. This makes me happy, but I want to lose more. At my 5-1 height, 150 lb is still heavy. My goal is 139 lb. I am in Week five of my marathon training (I’ll probably log back on here to write a run report after the race on June 19 now that I think about it). I ran seven miles on Sunday and am running eight tomorrow (Friday). I’m eating a normal diet of whatever appeals to me, counting every calorie (Lose It app is DA BOMB) and doing my best to keep my food “clean”. Some days it’s easy and I feel so ROCK STAR and some days it’s a struggle and I feel all YO QUIERO TACO BELL.

I’m running a 10k on May 22 and looking forward to that. It’s a Rum Run with mojitos and beer at the finish line… HELL YEAH.

On the personal front, my oldest daughter graduates from college TOMORROW and is getting married in August. I would love to be at goal weight for the wedding and wear a totally hot dress and completely out-MILF my ex-husband’s cute (thin) (younger) wife. Fat chance, but hey, we’ve all got to have goals. Work is insanely busy, but I plan to check back on the 3fc friends I have made and see how you are doing. But really, if you’re on facebook or using Lose It, hit me up!

xo Chicks!

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  1. bigprof Says:

    By now you must be back up to 222 comments (and approving is just more work than deleting, but worth it for me)…Anywho, good luck on the half marathon today!

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