December 2nd, 2008

Weight: 141.6 BUT OF COURSE

Mood: Foul

Breakfast: vanilla ff yogurt with granola and a banana

Lunch: tba UPDATE: really healthy and nutritious lunch of Tostitos and bean dip, a huge portion of a bag of chocolate chips and a handful of pecan halves. Oh, and diet pepsi. So healthy, it’s almost like the whole lunch was medicinal.

Dinner: tba UPDATE: McD side salad and yogurt parfait. Gussied up the salad when I got home with low fat feta cheese and cranraisins, a handful of nuts and fat free rasberry vinagrette.

Half Mary: training schedule calls for a 3 or 4 mile run. It’s an either/or because I’m not sure what schedule I am going to follow from this point out as I transition from 10k to 1/2 mary. But since I am SICK AS A DOG with a sore throat, nasal congestion and sinus headache, I don’t know that I’ll be doing any running anyway. And I have to work today. So any running at all is a big WE’LL SEE at this point.

Stupidity: How I overdrew my checking account: 1) ordered new Tivo for $216, wrote it down but did not subtract it. 2) made too many trips to the grocery store right before Thanksgiving and didn’t keep track and 3) let DD9 order some videos on Amazon for $1.99 each, two of them, and then ordered some Kindle books for myself also, three of them, $9.99 each, but wrote it all down as $1.99 for all of it. Why? Because I so do not pay attention to anything half the time. Which would not be a problem if you have a nice $1000 or so “cushion” in your bank account, but when you’re running on empty, it’s enough to push you over the edge. Also, gym membership automatically deducted yesterday, so that’s another overdraft fee to add to my mounting collection.


3 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. grabthebull Says:

    ugh. 11 hours down, 13 to go…

  2. bigprof Says:

    Okay, the specifics are different, but your tale of checkbook woe is really familiar…of course, I write things down in my checkbook, but I’m not sure what this “subtraction” is that you speak of.

    I prefer “guess-i-ma-traction” where I kinda sorta know what I’ve spent in checks, but not so much in ATM trips or debit transactions, but I’m sure I can’t be…THAT LOW?!

    A half Mary? Aren’t you miss Proud Mary? Okay, I’m going to really enjoy watching your progress here…& by “enjoy,” I mean, BE TOTALLY JEALOUS OF!

    Kick some marathon ass tiny2b!

  3. I guess I run now » Back on track… - a Free Diet Blog from 3FC Says:

    […] an awesome read, very fun, makes me wish I could run for more than a few minutes at a time. & tiny2b is training for […]

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