Wednesday weigh in

March 6th, 2013

Down .8 of a pound from last week, when I was actually UP .4 of a pound from the week before that. So my grand total for 3.5 weeks on WW is exactly 2 lb down. I was really hoping for more. Baby steps… baby steps… baby steps…

Jan. 1 we reinstituted our family activity contest. A mile equals a point, and 45 minutes of physical activity equals a point. So for example, DD14 gets a point for her PE class and a point for a dance class. Everybody is a winner for participating, but the person with the most points gets to choose what the “treat” will be. If DD14 gets the most points, we get frozen yogurt. You get the idea…

I’m the big winner for February with a whopping 48 points! Five of my points were dance classes (west coast swing with DH) but the other points were all MILES, either walked or run. So I logged 43 miles in February and I am totally thrilled about that! I’ve got a walking buddy that I’m going 3-4 miles with every Saturday morning and the rest of the points were my couch to 5k runs. My running partner that i trained with and rain a half marathon with in 2011 is ready to get back in the game and we ran together on Monday, four miles, and it was fabulous. Then the weather turned to shit, but I now feel totally inspired and motivated to be out on the sidewalk, and that makes me happy : )

If anyone has any pointers for me on the Weight Watcher program, I’m happy to hear them! My activity points earned in the first 3 weeks on WW are 23, 40 and 30. I’ve never used all of my “extra” points and I’ve been diligent about logging everything. How have I not lost more than 2 lb???

And the Oscar goes to…

February 24th, 2013

Good job on food in the last couple of days, but hit the margaritas last night and need to form a plan for NOT GOING CRAY CRAY at the Oscar party I am going to tomorrow, wherein “party” = me and 2 bffs in pj pants eating and drinking our way thru the broadcast.

Just back from a 4.25 mile walk with hubby (Sat). Did 55 minutes of flow yoga yesterday (Fri). Ran 2 miles with a friend Thurs. and went o 1 hr dance class with DH. Giving myself the Oscar for best recent activity level.

Now to just not blow it…

Activity FTW!

February 21st, 2013

Today I went on a 2 mile run with a friend; I am going to a swing dance class with DH tonight; and I did 10 minutes (two five minute sets) of kettlebell while working from home. Totally making up for yesterday’s lethargy.

I have a tabata app on my phone and am using it when I work from home to get up from my desk and do a five minute set of three exercises. My three exercises are classic kettlebell swing, kettlebell chalice squats, and regular old pushups. The tabata app runs for five minutes, gives me 25 seconds of exercise time with 5 seconds between exercises to transition. My goal is to get into a work at home routine of work 20 minutes, exercise 5, then 5 minute break (bathroom, get the mail, etc), then back to work.

Did okay getting thru two segments as listed above, but then got the call to go run, and since I took that time away from my desk to run, I scrapped the rest of the tabata sessions for the afternoon and worked straight through. But so far, I like the plan and think I can stick to it… I need to do something to avoid the total NO WORK OUT AT ALL funk I tend to fall into when I work from home. I seem to do better on days when I work in the office and have to make a schedule of getting to the gym or runing before work, or planning a run or a class or something after work. But when I’m home all day, I put it off and put it off and then accidentally before you know it, oops, I’m in PJ pants and all hope is lost.

So, here’s to new habits. The good kind.

Will run for cookies

February 19th, 2013

Gorgeous weather in my neck of the woods, which is not expected to last, so I went for a two mile jog since I got off of work early. I’m revisiting intervals, trying to get back to my former running glory (har har har, there has never been anything glorious about the way I run!) and so I have my timer set for 90 second intervals. Started out doing run one, walk one, and have worked up to doing run two, walk one, and today did two segments of run three walk one… so my “runs” (hee hee hee) are from 3 to 4.5 minutes long, broken up by 90 second walking intervals. Toss in a three minute warm up and a 4.5 minute cool down, and that’s my workout.

Because I am an Honest Abe, I calculated my weight watcher activity points by calculating the run time AND the walk time instead of just calling the whole thing a run. I earned 5 points…. and promptly ate 5 points worth of cookie dough

I’m calling this day a draw.

Over. For real this time

February 19th, 2013

The birthday binge, that is. Seriously. No joke. TRUTH.

Goal today: stay within daily WW points AND add exercise. DH and I are going to a west coast swing class tonight, a ping up from Thursday every week to Tues and Thurs, so that’s awesome. But I need to get a run in an well since I have foolhardily recruited friends to do an 8k with me this weekend. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Moved my weigh in day to Wednesday morning bc Weds night is my weekly girlfriends dinner and Thurs is my date night with hubby, so a Friday weigh in was just too cruel to my psyche.

Here’s to a day of good choices for all on this journey…cheers!

My big fat birthday

February 17th, 2013

Used all of my WW points and almost all of my weekly points celebrating my birthday (which isn’t even til Monday!). Had a huge fajita salad for lunch, which would have been a great choice had I not hoovered down every crumb of the tortilla shell it was in.  I also had three glasses of champagne and chocolate cake for dinner. On the bright side, walked 2 miles this morning AND went to the gym too.

Took DD14 to see Ballroom with a Twist, which was awesome, hosted by Tristan MacManus, her fav pro dancer on Dancing With the Stars.  She also went to a dance class he taught Friday night, so we got to meet him them, and he’s a total hotty and so sweet. She is having a private lesson with him before he leaves town Monday and I think I might be more excited than she is, lol.

Meeting a friend for a 3-4 mile run in the morning. New day, new chance to make good choices. My birthday binge is over.

the week

February 14th, 2013

Had a good handle on food this week, but got in very little exercise. And then last night started my birthday festivities a bit prematurely… so hopefully the scale will not be UP tomorrow when I weigh in. One can dream…

Feb 9

February 10th, 2013

Four mile walk. Ate 22 of my 26 WW points.

Good day!

I’m back!

February 9th, 2013

Well, I’m back. Since I was last here in May 2011 at 155 lb I’ve crept back up as high as 171. Today I’m 167.4. I’m using the weight watchers point counting app on my iPhone and am running a half marathon in the spring, so I’m in the baby steps of getting my running mojo back.

I have been on WW for nine days. My start date weight was 169.4. My one week weigh in was 169.0. I’m going to try to stop the daily weighing. That’s a killer for me. So even though my scale today says 167.4 I’m calling it 169 until my Thursday weigh in.

Im looking forward to seeing which of my friends are still here and reconnecting! I’ll be doing some blog reading this weekend and catching up! See you gals later!

PS I have 11,222 spam comments waiting to be deleted. HOLY SHIT.

Adios, chicas

May 12th, 2011

I have not been on this site in a month and I log on to 222 spam comments. Two hundred twenty-two in a month. Ridiculous. I think I am ready to say farewell to the 3fc blog.

I’ve been losing the Lose It app on my iphone to track food and exercise, making it kind of silly to come here and log it all over again. I know that Lose It has a way to share and connect with other users, so if anyone is using Lose It, email me and we can figure out how to sync up! My email is shanaob at msn dot com.

Quick update. On the diet and exercise front, I am HOLDING at my post detox weight of 155-157 lb. This makes me happy, but I want to lose more. At my 5-1 height, 150 lb is still heavy. My goal is 139 lb. I am in Week five of my marathon training (I’ll probably log back on here to write a run report after the race on June 19 now that I think about it). I ran seven miles on Sunday and am running eight tomorrow (Friday). I’m eating a normal diet of whatever appeals to me, counting every calorie (Lose It app is DA BOMB) and doing my best to keep my food “clean”. Some days it’s easy and I feel so ROCK STAR and some days it’s a struggle and I feel all YO QUIERO TACO BELL.

I’m running a 10k on May 22 and looking forward to that. It’s a Rum Run with mojitos and beer at the finish line… HELL YEAH.

On the personal front, my oldest daughter graduates from college TOMORROW and is getting married in August. I would love to be at goal weight for the wedding and wear a totally hot dress and completely out-MILF my ex-husband’s cute (thin) (younger) wife. Fat chance, but hey, we’ve all got to have goals. Work is insanely busy, but I plan to check back on the 3fc friends I have made and see how you are doing. But really, if you’re on facebook or using Lose It, hit me up!

xo Chicks!