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I recently decided I wanted to stop the yo yo effect with my body.  I chose the Metabolic program because I have seen results in people that I hope for myself.  Saturday I began my pre-conditioning and will go to my first class on Friday.  The biggest change so far is drinking all this water.  But a few days in I noticed I’m almost always drinking 80oz a day.  This is a huge change because I was lucky to get 8oz.  Friday will be the beginning of a new me. 

My push for doing this now is because my husband and I were discussing vacations. He wanted to fly somewhere and I didn’t want to deal with the small seats and short seatbelts.  This years vacation is within driving distance but next years won’t be!

August 2nd, 2011 at 4:50 pm
3 Responses to “Just starting MRC”
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    yogini Says:

    Best of luck! My husband and I just bought tickets to Hawaii in March. Now, I am getting ready for that with a new diet too. I have about 35# to lose to get to an OK weight (not skinny) before our trip. I will be watching your progress!

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    mokitty Says:

    Thanks yogini. I hope you meet your goal for your trip. My husband has been really supportive of me starting this and has actually gotten on board to do the meals with me. I just have to figure out where I want to go. We normally go somewhere cold weather since we live in Florida. Maybe to the slopes as a snow bunny lol.

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