The skinny friend, now fat

getting there

Today I tried on one of my old skirts and it fit! It’s so good to be wearing some of my normal clothes again. It is the best incentive. Because of this, when I went out to get coffee I didn’t have a muffin. I think those boosts, like finding something fits, or seeing you’ve lost […]

The power of the scales can make or break you.

It has been about three or four weeks since I have posted on here. Below is an excerpt of the early days, which were the hardest. January Monday. Almost gave in. It is a week since I started my diet. I weighed myself this morning. I weigh less than when I started. My scales are […]

still hanging in

Just a quickie to let you know I’m still here. I’m now 64kg. It’s been hard, and I’ve wanted to give in, but managed to keep on track. Will fill you in when my internet connection returns.

Day 6

Day 6! Wow. I woke up this morning and felt a bit faint. I ate some toast with mushrooms, had a cup of black tea and felt better. My daughter came home yesterday. My diet is still intact.   For a while today I was on the cusp of giving in and falling into old habits. […]

feeling good

Day 4. I can actually see a difference on the scales. I’m feeling better about myself, glad that I’m making the effort to lose this weight. Even though I can’t see a difference and the scales may only be water weight, I feel thinner. The biggest threat to my diet comes back tonight, my daughter. Back […]

Fatorexia and believing you’re ugly

I have fatorexia. Yes, apparently it is a condition; a person refuses to see that they are fat, thinking instead they are skinny. This was me for a long time, I still think I’m skinny. Yesterday afternoon I went for my goal walk. Striding out, my baby in the stroller, me wearing a pretty cap-sleeved […]

Day 2

Day 2 went well. Having this blog is helping me. Reading the supportive comments really inspire me to do well. I made myself do an exercise dvd yesterday. I hated it. Ten minutes in I wanted to sit down and watch it instead. But I forced myself to do it, exercising harder instead of stopping, […]


I went to visit my friend this morning. She just had a baby three days ago. She already looks like she’s back to normal. I, on the otherhand, ten months after giving birth, look like I should be the one on the maternity ward. My stomach is still fat. I’m so jealous of people who […]

Fat friends

I’ve always had fat friends. Perhaps I felt comfortable with them; they’re not a threat. They won’t steal your boyfriend. I’ve been lucky to have good genes and a fast metabolism. I was always the skinny friend. I could eat lots of junk. I gained weight of course, just not heaps. Until now. It started before I […]