The skinny friend, now fat

No benefits to giving up smoking

My husband gave up smoking last year. Almost straight away he gained weight. Along with this weight gain came the health issues; sleep apnoea, fluid in the legs, lack of fitness, no energy. Added to this is apathy, the disinclination to do anything about the weight gain. It is culmination of all of these things that are […]

Loving the compliments

They were a long time coming, but people are now finally starting to notice my weight loss. I got told I’m lookin’ good the other day. And I’ve had people asking how I lost the weight. My old clothes fit – I still can’t get over that fact, I tried on some jeans the other day, […]


Weighed myself yesterday. I had a feeling I wouldn’t have lost anything, (I don’t know what made me think that). So it was a surprise to find I had lost another kg. I’m now 57, hovering a little under it in fact. My diet has been good, I haven’t restricted myself and I think that […]


Saw an old friend of mine today. I actually didn’t recognise her when she sailed past me in her long flowing skirt, with her head held high. The reason is because the last time I saw her she walked with great difficulty thanks to her weight and sounded out of breath every time she spoke. So, […]

I’m back…

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted. I wish I could fill you in, but I honestly can’t remember much. I’m still married and things are going well. I struggled to lose weight through the year, but didn’t lose any more than a few kilos before falling back into my old […]

Right back where I started from

I’ve been avoiding the scales for months, ever since I reached my goal and fell back into eating whatever I pleased, whenever I pleased. So I shouldn’t be surprised. Somehow, I coasted along these past months, eating tubs of ice cream, cakes, margarine on toast, McDonalds, KFC, everything I want…and thinking, gee, I can eat […]

I can hardly believe it

For the last two days I have been eating whatever I pleased. I had gotten to the stage where not seeing a change on the scales made me say,”Stuff it, I’ll eat what I want.” I really suffered because of it too. I felt awful, overfull, sick, tired and wishing I hadn’t given in.  Tuesday […]

Muffin for breakfast

AHHH! When will I see a damn change on the scales? I was so frustrated this morning I went and ate a blueberry muffin for breakfast. It didn’t even taste that good and made me feel really full. It is now mid afternoon, I’ve been out for coffee with a friend, had a skinny cap […]

How can I keep motivated?

I just want to see 61kg on the scale. I hate waiting and weighing and finding no change. It makes me just want to go out and eat junk. This morning I just wanted to go eat KFC and a blueberry muffin. The only thing stopping me is having to wait longer to see a change […]


Well, I weighed myself this morning and I was 62kg. I probably won’t believe it until I weigh myself again tomorrow morning and get the same reading. I am so glad that I decided to make a change. When I think about how I was at 68/69kg, it was just not healthy. While there is […]