The skinny friend, now fat


This is a little belated and to be honest I’m still finding my way around this site. A bit about me, I’m now 40. Married mother of three. I was diagnosed with APML (subtype of leukaemia) in 2002. After reaching remission I had to take a further 18months of oral chemo, of which one of the side effects was weight gain. Previously I had never even needed to watch my weight. I’d always been slim, so I was suddenly gaining weight, though I couldn’t really see it, but when I look back at photos of myself I see just how horribly bloated I was, not to mention ugly, with my hair growing back. I’d always had long straight hair, so when it came back curly, it aged me (I was 28) and depressed me. It took a long time for it to grow. I think it was about three years before it had grown out and lost the curls. Anyway, I’m going off topic. I started exercising and dieting to try to drop the weight. I went back to eating three meals a day and riding my bike every afternoon and lost not a thing! It wasn’t until an acquaintance put me onto Weight Watchers that I finally realised I’d found what could work for me. Because if I’d even thought the word ‘diet’ my body went into shock and I just got hungrier. But with Weight Watchers the fact that I had nothing to give up made me very happy. It wasn’t long before I’d borrowed my friends points book and started counting. And let me tell you, for someone who considered her diet healthy, it was a shock just how much little things like using margarine on a sandwich can put you over budget. So I stopped eating margarine in 2002 and haven’t missed it. In fact when I eat it now it gives me a headache. I don’t use oil in cooking. I once got given a tiny sample bottle of oil and it sat in the cupboard for ages. I grill or bake, poach rather than fry. My biggest downfall is my fondness for bakery goods. Apple turnovers, éclairs, cream filled anything. They are a pretty hard thing to fit into points and I’ve come to realise that they shouldn’t be other than occasionally. Easier said than done, LOL when sometimes all you crave is an éclair. I lost 11kg from WW the first time. I didn’t lose that all at once, rather 5kg at home with my limited knowledge of points, then months later I joined WW and started going to meetings and learnt heaps more and lost the rest of the weight. I managed to maintain, give or take a few kgs, until I fell pregnant in 2010. I had thought that falling pregnant was never an option, due to the chemo. But apparently not, so with a 12 year difference between last child, we welcomed our son in 2011. And that brings me up to my biggest challenge, losing the pregnancy weight. In no way has this been easy. I Found it hard to find the motivation to want to lose it, even though I’d never been this heavy before. there were times I was in despair of losing it and at a loss to know how to go about it. I couldn’t afford to join WW and I needed the meetings for motivation. So I went back to counting points as I know it and joined 3 Fat Chicks to keep me accountable and you can  read about that in my blogs.

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