The skinny friend, now fat

Loving the compliments

They were a long time coming, but people are now finally starting to notice my weight loss. I got told I’m lookin’ good the other day. And I’ve had people asking how I lost the weight. My old clothes fit – I still can’t get over that fact, I tried on some jeans the other day, they’re brand new, been sitting in my drawer for years – and I was amazed they fit. I’m starting to get over my fear of trying things on. I sometimes still think of myself as fat, so when I look at my old clothes I think, “Oh that won’t fit” or “That will look horrible”, so when I do finally try them I’m amazed when they fit. I’d avoided updating my FB profile pic because of my weight – I’d avoided taking pictures since my face looked fat too. The other night I took about ten selfie’s, thrilled that I look good. I didn’t put them on my profile, but I did choose a couple to put in my FB pictures and got several likes in response.

I’m now almost 55kg, which was my goal. My exercise has been non-existent, so I had a minimal weight loss this past week, plus the week before I’d gone on a short holiday and indulged in bakery items, so I’m trying to conform. 55kg here I come.

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